World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft the jailer of the Damned a grim task which I have failed now the eternal failed screams torn asunder within the realm of shadow lies the darkest of terrors which should never be set free did you think we had forgotten did you think we had forgiven behold now the terrible vengeance of the Forsaken the skirt we’re finished no not your home although [Music] by all that is holy the dragon’s flame seal my fate the world of the living got no longer [Music] place the crown on my head teary [Music] I will be the chain of the Damned no I cannot do a Tyrian you had these brave heroes have your own destinies to fulfill this last act of service is mine [Applause] you will not be forgotten oh brother I must be fuckin Tyrion if the world is stunted free from the tyranny of fear they must never know what was done here today [Music] the literature is dead at Boulevard for Dragon now go leave this place and never return [Music]

dharia my son at last I am able to lay my eyes upon you again father I I feared for your your sanity validity tormenting me without end and lessly he sought to break my will to force me to serve him to buy this display finally when it ends demanded his full attention he left me the one memory I clung to down the one thought that kept me from giving you it was your sacrifice my son that again saved me from a turn father for you I would give my life a thousand times brace your destiny you are right I will bear any curse to have my revenge what an intruder you’ll stop me Frostmourne will be mine nothing will stand in the way of my darkness [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I’ll always miss instruments before horseman I have my reservations but I will obey your will death Lord the Horde will be outraged but Nazareth will make a powerful death knight I live okay Oh has it been since I tasted death long enough my friend the Burning Legion has returned and you have been called to the battle say no I will serve leave their heads from their parties indeed your shell general indeed you shall rest well Bane was one of the greatest kings this world has known the Alliance will not be pleased nevertheless your will be done death Lord the oven blade will be honored to bring King Thoris into our fold it sees your death Lord has finally arrived you should watch your tone Vanguard is mine at last you are fools if you think I’ll let my father have it back guards seize them strong guard is mine I will not give it up to my father or anyone else my son where is Galen where is the prince who murdered his King what has become of strong guard death and ruin time has not been kind to this place then

I have failed as both a father and King strong guard is lost but there is still hope for this world if you would join us I will do whatever it takes to preserve peace mazzaroth death is a way of quelling the madness of the mind I’m sure she will serve the blade without compromise those who terrorize the innocent have no place in this world or that next the realm of shadow offers little respite to the souls of the wicked has forsaken me rise up high Inquisitor your death Lord calls you back to this world I live is the English of death over we have not come to offer peace I Inquisitor why then why have you done this to me the day of reckoning is at hand the Burning Legion has come to destroy our world the Knights of the ebon blade have come to offer you a chance at atonement atonement I doubt that such a thing exists for me join us and we will find out together indeed we shall Tirion Fordring was one of the greatest champions this world has known if we do this there will be a price to pay and we’ll obey death Lord but know this should we go through with this there will be no turning back those walls is the body of Tirion Fordring one of the greatest champions our world has known the Silver Hand will not give him choice willingly so we will take him by force death Lord we will begin at your command there is a tomb behind the chapel where the power of the light is weak raise the dead from within the tomb and it will distract the guards long enough for us to make our way to the chapel tread carefully death night this is holy ground and we have little tolerance for your kind how can this be you are a monster Darion without monsters there can be no heroes the time has come death Lord variant for during awaits the four horsemen shall have their eater you fools did you really think the light would allow this the Lich King himself had no power here the light protects this Chapel Darion darkness cannot abide within the light shake it our Lord we must do something before it’s too late the light has ravaged his body there is nothing we can do for him even in a lifetime of war I have never before seen such sacrifice darion mograine has sacrificed more for the ebon blade than any other his body lays me for the living it has no over the Damned your fourth Horseman lays before you death Lord come on Pimlico rise

[Music] [Music] position as the leader of the spirits have granted me clarity of vision they we spiral Eve mean a will not understand what’s the masti powder – our doors and lead last [Music] [Music] Vol’jin son of sangeun once Warchief of the Horde hear my voice and appear before us to lungi your voice be a mighty one bullshit this is really my old friend just like a fire I declare the demons didn’t teach ya Sylvanas led us to victory in the war against the legion but since then she has done much to strain the heart and finds the hold together i must know when the voice spoke to him bidding you to name her war chief what spirit wasn’t this be dark me memory not be what it once was was it one something did he crave the death she would bring to memory he’d be denied me by the shadows shadows said that be coming for you watch out so 10 not be right that day the demons deplete sleep pass me God [Music] this is the Lord themselves like they do it now yourself or be the forces of in your code until one Sunday for a long time he’s not be humid chooses not to answer I was expecting to see you all one Sunday Posada hurry mania door there was a presence something moving in the shadows something power I remember he taking me somewhere but in memory of where be hidden from me to keep me from sharing the truth the truth that it might not be the law who ordered Silvanus to be war chief but something far more powerful your comeback [Music] loja of death your servant Valjean has called – yet you have turned a deaf ear to give please Wow stick it street plan was it worth it to make some honest 49er to old man are you be talking with your father soon enough sure what a banshee queen in charge sure I’m an alpha Warren did but dancing [Music] balance besides that one got a nasty habit of keeping what she kills the awards evening new friend to all warrants and the words are trouble step flower speaker of the whole [Music]

Lich King the voice I heard as I be dying telling me to Neve Silvana’s Warchief was it yours the Banshee grease keys wet in the balance I had no hand in them and me spirit the entrapped in this world is that your twin Vol’jin your soul has walked on the other side [Applause] altered more than you know you are neither undead Lord and you do not belong here leave this place at once I suggest we go stay the choice is yours Leonid of Archaea my spirit was sent to the other side Dane returned was this doorway Shadowhunter you are no longer a mere spirit but you have become is something beyond my power to forge who be having such power could it be the same one who bid me to name Sylvanas war chief you have been touched by the hand of Allah such a noble force does not steam for mortal Thrones so whoever whisper to me is not the same as who sent me back you have been granted all the knowledge by a milling to share leave now and never return you didn’t bring me back she don’t got the Mojo one Sunday pious confused as the rest of us and Nunnally were eager to see Sylvanas in charge no matter the circumstances she is leader of the hold I will do all I can to ensure that her room is a just one Xander nasty stance because of your courage tell Angie her father was mired in the always Z that a truly entire lost time would you be the first to look to the future to see what the trolls can become you be young but you’ll be righteous call on me spirit if you ever need advice from a new chief there for now I gotta keep searching for answers if there be new enemies gathering in the shadows did I miss the hunting team before they’d be hunting us see the spirits rise and twist the numberless shades all shaken life time always [Music]

but when the time comes there can be no hesitation there won’t be safe journey Navarro’s safe journey bye laughs I wasn’t certain you made it out of pogrom ah if the traitors knew of your service to me they’d have put you in irons or worse sar fangs ill-considered challenge may have ended the war prematurely but it doesn’t matter now countless souls have been fed to the hungry darkness though I cared nothing for the living I did pity the Forsaken for the great injustice that made them what they are I understand the cruelty of fate better than anyone but despite all I taught them they stubbornly clung to him to life they will learn the truth along with all the rest my bargain with ishara will yet bear fruit the armies of Azeroth will fight her master and he will line their streets with courses in the end he too will serve death enough reflection there are preparations to be made nothing lasts when next you see me you will understand I have seen a vision there [Music] [Music] dire times thoughtful new allies you come from strong people no doubt you will serve the ebon blade well it seems the lich king has since the same truth is we have that arising threat stops us from the shadows and that we must bolster our ranks to face it there’s little time for ceremony take up your blade and prove your mettle conquer the darkness become its master many in this world will fear you revile you but they need you more than they know go forth and claim your destiny night and through all the trials you endure suffer well [Music]

Icecrown a monument to our suffering the veil between life and death we’re a usurper sits on a Frozen Throne but no King rules forever [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you are unfit to wear this crown – weird so much power that power will be your prison this world is a prison [Music] [Music] and I will set us three [Music] so many oranges silenced in their numberless grace even the mighty all rendered nameless 5-time every King kneel before death [Music] I thought I’d find you here it’s a place you often visit when something’s on your mind perhaps these statues remind me of a simpler time so much has happened since I’ll return to Azeroth the wounding of the world the war against the Horde war I understand we both do but I expected to be fighting with two sisters at my side instead I faced one of them in battle or at least what remains of her house the downfall of the old guard brought you at least a measure of peace when whispers did not end with his defeat in fact it seems new voices have joined the chorus my son do not listen to the whispers they speak the truth avatar and you will hear them I will make you hear now the light could not save them it will not save you I think of the nightmares he forced into my mind I witnessed them too but they didn’t shake my faith in you not for a moment nor mine for you my love enough reflection we have a job to do hunt down Sylvanas and make her pay I should have killed you when last we met how rude sister [Music]

tell me something now we shall trust the night warrior if I could change the past I want you didn’t reach out to offer apologies why did you ask us here this champion witnessed your kindness toward Lord Proudmoore how you helped him through his torment sadly he is not the only one who suffered in the war night of sentinels why are you by the fight many fell at teldrassil some were raised into rage and darkness turned against their own people they too have been abandoned death is cold even for those who burn Kalia I know the pain they suffer the hopelessness you must do something for them we will Derek together without your throat [Music] enough such a waste that arrows poison was not meant to be wasted on your well we’ll meet again gray man we did his father [Music] took back a city took back you’ve taught my son’s in sir [Applause] and now I take it yours Sylvanas will kill you or this she may not stop with you no life is worth living if we cannot be true to our nature her I returned home to take what solace I can in my family I hope you take solace in yours in the end death claims us all this is what makes us strong all of us building a new future together not while the black moves – cries out for vengeance and when the next war chief must as an army will hope save you if it is storm wind that burns I know it’s difficult to trust but there are signs of change within the Horde in place of a war chief there is now a council that by Bane thrall the others I believe they can your faith is naive Lions son I will sign no treaty unless it is written in the Banshees blood cause at the end of everything it’s just in the beginning were finished no escape for any of us [Music] [Laughter]

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