Twitch Streamers reaction to me facing them as Widowmaker

Twitch Streamers reaction to me facing them as Widowmaker

Twitch Streamers reaction to me facing them as Widowmaker  yo kenzo again what the fuck let’s go dude i’m probably gonna play with her hound sorry magic but he’s been falling lately apparently yeah he hasn’t even fallen a bit after this game we’ll try adding him or something he’s a really cool guy really nice we can get some good out of there yep a little high ground and because i don’t i have a mic for everything oh yeah he’s out there i’m help me i stopped with the right side imagine naming yourself after this yeah wasn’t he still like super metal i guess like come on kenzo because yo buddy we can use signal and soldier did he’s bobbing man he’s clicking me all right i’m playing with some feet i drew the score ah he hopped off oh look me dude i don’t even know where that doom was okay so i’m still putting you guys in the middle of the video because

i know you guys love this game so much i’ve always loved the rpg games where you can create your own teams and combos to either fight in pve or pvp and that’s why raid shadow legends is such a fun game for me you get almost 500 champions to collect and upgrade with endless artifacts and gear combos here let me show you opening some shots opening shots give you a random champion that can either be good or bad and even if you get something you don’t want you can sacrifice the bad ones to level up your good ones then here in the champions tab you can gear up your favorite ones to create a perfect team i tried doing a full leech build and it worked pretty well actually and you see i open garlic here and he’s one of the best characters in the game in my opinion and you can see that just from all the reviews and they used added champion fragments which let you collect pieces of shampoos that you can use to summer specific ones with special events running all

the time there is also a new bazaar where you can load up on high value items with the gold bars you win in tag arena and they used to extend the daily login rewards 270 days before this sounds entertaining you can use my link in the description to download the game you get 50k silver and a bunch of essentials that you see on the screen and of course the free champion hicks weaver as your starter find your rewards in the inbox for the next 30 days thank you raid for sponsoring this video oh anyone touch you can touch you can touch are we trying yeah we win this we win this lucio reaper see like they go in they have bubble or they have their signatures yeah so that’s why and don’t go in did you mind not getting behind us he’s really good about like just tapping shots and not even getting those one shots he just taps that that that i should just pulled out when i knew he had walls really risky play wait why didn’t we have shield up wait

i wouldn’t try to ash versus his widow hello hello hello hello can you guys hear me now okay oh my god listen to me please jesus christ we just need a nano there to be honest but it’s fine we have nano this fight i guess children on the right side careful do not peek she has walls got her too zen one dude what’s the whole right there get you stands one okay you guys are coming oh this fuck me zen one zen one he’s on fire god damn it stay alive oh my god we lost this there’s someone behind music club oh oh my fucking god dude i’m throwing hold up play safe play point sigma don’t go why you getting kidding me i meant sigma altered on my ball uh do you need to restart your brain bongo he really did it he fucking did a bongo i have three holes i carried hey did he added me see i’m versus snipsy i think wait yeah okay i’m hiding behind him dude that is some ball yeah yeah you pooped into us oh that from behind boys [Music] finally spring pray oh god i’m one jesus christ if i don’t do anything nothing will happen either one can hide i’m gonna go for ash i’m just i’m just contesting her so much nice uh dude this guy are you the youtuber [Music] come on

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