Top 5 BEST SNIPERS for Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Top 5 BEST SNIPERS for Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Top 5 BEST SNIPERS for Destiny 2: Beyond Light [Music] why hello there so richard cackington iii here thank you so much for stopping by and today we are going to be going over the five best snipe rifles to utilize in the upcoming destiny 2 beyond light expansion and so let’s get started but just before we do hey there’s a link in the description if you click it it applies a discount to any astro product cop those hot astro a40s the best headphones out there while supporting the channel definition of a win-win right there alright now what do i mean when i say these are the best snipers for beyond light well all of them are from season of dawn or beyond so they have infusion caps high enough that you can use them in the absolute end game of the beyond light expansion none of these are getting sunset after this season that’s very important mainly for pve you can utilize any of the five snipers we’re talking about today in the next raid for example that’s going to be extremely important to have a high infusion cap but pvp also matters too you have activities like trials of osiris and iron banner where having a highlight does matter as well so with all that in mind let’s get started with number

five and i’ll admit this is definitely a pet choice of mine and it’s the trophy hunter legendary energy snipe rifle now don’t worry this is the only one on the list that you can’t farm for currently in the game but i’m sure a lot of you guys have a roll or two hiding in your vault so the absolute pve god roll is going to be either appended meg or extended meg combined with triple tap and then finally vorpal weapon now i love this sniper because it belongs to the high impact so highest damaging slowest shooting archetype and it’s the only one of that archetype currently that can get vorpal weapon and vorpal has increased damage against bosses but what they don’t tell you is that also includes majors so champions are gonna take 15 percent more damage from this sniper so this is capable of doing the most damage per shot of any sniper to a champion because of vorpal weapon just at a base level and that really does matter yes there are other things on this list that have a better damage per second but when we’re talking about ammo efficiency this takes the cake and that’s why i really do love it and that is where this thing really belongs in high level pve content now for pvp you can get a decent role if you replace vorpal with snapshot and then an extended mag perk with accurized rounds but it’s nothing to write home about in any event let’s move on to the number four option and that is the long shadow legendary kinetic sniper rifle now this is actually one of the weapons that is remade for this season so you may have a god roll from a long time ago but

if you earn this weapon now and you can earn it from simply turning in tokens for example at the vanguard and i think you can also get it from the gunsmith it will have an infusion cap as if it dropped just this season and obviously that’s great it means it’s gonna be infusible all the way to the next summer season in 2021 right now the utter pve god rule for this thing is going to be an extended mag perk mainly appended or extended meg and the reason you want those two is they actually provide a bigger bonus to the magazine so when you combine that with the backup meg mod you actually get an additional round whereas if you had tactical mag you would lose a round and that also applies to the trophy hunter we just talked about then you’re definitely looking for in the first perk slot rapid hit and then lastly triple tap now what this does is it gives you a kinetic sniper rifle which is very important most of the best snipers are actually energy so if you don’t have a good kinetic primary obviously you’re looking to utilize your special in that kinetic slot but it provides a kinetic sniper that just has crazy good dps because firstly triple tap gives you rounds back into the magazine for landing precision shots so with seven rounds total

if you have extended meg plus backup meg that’s going to be turned into 10 rounds with triple tap and then that combines with rapid hit which increases your reload speed and stability as you get precision hits so that means against a boss you get 10 rounds in a row and then you reload blindingly fast thanks to rapid hit and then you could potentially get another 10 rounds on that same boss so a very capable pve sniper and for pvp there’s some decent roles as well in that first perk slot instead of rapid hit you can get snapshot sites letting you aim down sights faster extremely good and then you combine that with moving target which lets you strafe faster while aiming so you can move side to side to avoid your enemies shots while still hitting them you can peek out of cover a little bit faster it’s a very valuable perk but it is time to move on to the third best sniper and that is the distant tumulus legendary energy sniper now this was introduced in season of the worthy so it has a pretty high infusion cap and it’s acquirable as just a random world drop so when you pick up a legendary engram it can give you this but you can also acquire this from spamming weapon parts into the gunsmith i believe but also picking up just legendary engrams from the kryptark as well so this thing is a rapid fire sniper so fastest firing lowest damage but that fast fire rate means that these are actually the best for overall damage output within a short period of time and this can get the absolutely nutty pve roll of firstly an extended mag perk as always however because this is a rapid-fire frame sniper which automatically has six rounds in the magazine and the maximum is seven you actually don’t want appended or extended you want tack meg because you only need one extra round and then you can get the other bonuses to tak meg and not the downsides of the other two extended mag perks so keep

that in mind with this archetype then you can get in that first perk slot clown cartridge reloading this weapon randomly overfills it from reserves so let’s say you have you know a seven round magazine normally from appended meg when you reload with clown cartridges you’re going to get something like 10 11 rounds just for reloading it is absurdly powerful no need to hit precision shots or anything with triple top you just get it right off the bat then in that second perk slot you can get firing line this weapon deals increased precision damage when near two or more allies there’s no other way around this with a clown cartridge reload that gives you like 11 rounds plus firing line active you are capable of doing the most dps of any sniper in the game so why isn’t this higher well it’s simply because clown cartridge is a little bit unreliable sometimes it gives you 11 rounds sometimes it gives you nine right and also firing line is not actually the easiest thing to activate if you’re in solo play it’s not active at all it’s literally a wasted perk and even if you’re in something like a strike your teammate is off doing his own thing firing line won’t be active it has to have two teammates near you now again if you’re in a high level activity like a raid that’s where firing line is going to be active quite a bit if you’re like all grouping together to do a damage phase so when it’s good it’s good but again it’s not always good and that’s why it’s number three on our list now for pvp oh my goodness it has some powerful roles there as well getting something like accurized rounds to increase the range and then combining that with either dragonfly or pulse monitor in the first perk slot dragonfly is actually pretty good think of how many enemies group up when they’re you know looking down lanes kill one wound the other push him finish off a team in trials not that bad honestly but mainly in that second perk slot you can get either quick draw or snapshot sights or opening shot any of those three would be

very good as well however it is time to move on to the number two option and that is the supremacy legendary kinetic sniper now this comes from the last wish rate so although you can get it right now it’s not the easiest for a lot of people to get there is actually a way to go in and get last wish raid loot from a chest without doing the raid at all and if you want to know how to do that check the video linked up above but this weapon isn’t the number two slot simply because 4 pve which again we’re waiting a little bit higher than pvp when it comes to infusion proof weapons this is simply the most solid choice for the kinetic slot so this is again a rapid fire frame which you’re gonna see a lot here and it’s capable of getting the god roll of firstly again you want an extended mag and then in the first perk slot you don’t really have some great options you could go with snapshot sites that’s certainly the choice in pvp theoretically the best choice

is ambitious assassin overflows the magazine based on the number of rapid kills before reloading and the plan would be to get like a triple kill with this sniper on red bar ads reload it and have like a 10 11 round magazine just sitting there and then just get your ammo back and then when you do engage a boss fight you lead off with that uh magazine that’s made bigger because of ambitious assassin but it doesn’t always work out like that it’s a little bit tricky to get that scenario to happen mainly you’re really just looking for in that second perk slot triple tap like that is just the absolute key and it makes this weapon’s dps very very good remember also kinetics do a little bit more damage because they’re not capable of shooting through shields so that matters as well but again the fact that this weapon is best in slot when it comes to kinetic sniper dps is very important and very desirable now as for a pvp role instead of extended mag perk you want ricochet rounds combining that with snapshot and then either rampage or kill clip is actually going to let you double body shot when they’re active where this archetype can’t anymore so that’s actually pretty valuable however it is time to move on from there to the number one best snipe rifle to utilize in the upcoming expansion and that is the ikilos legendary energy sniper yeah and this is good news because this is by far the easiest one to farm for there is absolutely no excuse to finish this season without an utter utter god roll because all you need to do is turn your umbral engrams into assassins focused umbral engrams and you can get this weapon it’s only two weapons in that loot pool so the chances to get again the god roll are very very high now what are you actually looking for well for pve again this is another rapid fire frame but this can get a pretty unique combo and that is fourth times the charm which gives you two rounds back into the magazine after landing four rapid precision hits combined

with high impact reserves which makes the bottom part of the magazine deal more and more damage capping out at 26 for the last two bullets in the magazine and these two perks combine extremely well with one another because it means you can get those damage increased final rounds and then fourth times the charm will trigger and give you those two final rounds back and you can shoot them again for some insane damage output and that actually means for the first time ever you don’t need an extended mag perk because with exactly six rounds in a magazine you’ll shoot the final two rounds for the most damage and then fourth times will trigger and give those two exact rounds back however for total damage output you still actually do want an extended mag perk and it means you can miss one and not totally screw yourself over so either or would be good an extended mag perk or a perk like alloy magazine which gives you a reload increase but it’s really incredible just how powerful and consistent this weapon is it’s always going to be putting forth cracked damage because other damage increasing perks like i mean firing line you have to have allies and even then it’s only for precision shots stuff like vorpal weapon only on majors and above high impact reserves always works like at the end of the magazine it’s always there and that is really really awesome so for solo play fantastic and even if you’re with allies it’s not like it’s being beat out by the tumulus by that much now as for pvp it’s also god tier first off you’re looking for accurized rounds to increase the range or sarah frowns a unique perk to only a few weapons where it also increases the range and your bullets can over penetrate targets and bounce off surfaces it’s kind of like two perks in one and then you’re combining

that with no distractions which is going to reduce your flinch and then you can either have quick draw for a traditional roll fantastic pvp sniper all around or you can still go with high impact reserves and what that does is because in pvp because you only spawn with two rounds in your magazine that’s the bottom two rounds those are automatically gonna trigger high impact reserves which means you get a damage increase right away so you can double body shot kill people and with this archetype that’s not available anymore so that’s very powerful as well so incredibly powerful in both pve and pvp as well as incredibly easy to farm and get those actual god rolls there’s no doubt this is the number one choice guys that’s it for the video i hope you enjoyed found this informative and if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video if you guys want to see more destiny 2 content similar to this don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button if you want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity the best way is to follow me on twitter at rickcachus that’s linked in the description down below again i hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a good day

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