The Problem with the Core Combat

The Problem with the Core Combat

The Problem with the Core CombatĀ what is up guys welcome back to another video today is going to be a little bit more serious topic today we’re going to be discussing the core combat update that was released on august the 6th for those of y’all who don’t know i’ll just briefly go over what the update sought out to accomplish so first the core combat update was intended to make the game more offensive based making it so that you had to predict your opponent’s next move instead of just reacting to it so to do this the devs hit the first 100 milliseconds of the startup of attacks so a player just couldn’t turtle and parry every unsafe attack you threw out secondly to address the big problem that newer players had with the game which was light spam the devs increased the stamina cost of light attacks and added a frame disadvantage to lights basically just to discourage players from just spamming light attacks all the time the devs also removed the stamina drain from parried attacks to promote more offensive play and less punishment from being parry and last but not least the devs lowered the damage numbers across the board to compensate for the faster-paced gameplay that was everything that this patch wanted to accomplish and now let’s go into what’s wrong and what’s good with the game well with the update so first things first y’all

i want to address the positives in this update because a lot of people are really just focusing on the negatives and there are some good stuff in this update that i really do like so first the hiding of the 100 milliseconds really really did help the game i really love this change it stopped players from turtling and reacting to every single move so it’s no longer just a stare fest in a bashfest with basically people playing the safest characters like black pryor and konkan just bashing and throwing the occasional light here and there in the small seven hours that i played this update i have seen way more chain attacks thrown out than in the last six months of playing the previous build of honor and it’s beautiful like the game is more exciting refreshing and it’s a lot less frustrating and higher levels of play but sadly that is the only thing i like about this update guys now to address the things that i don’t like start things off the the damage values are all over

the place man it’s it’s like some of these values just don’t make any sense like for example kensei getting 34 damage on a guard break but lawbringer’s top unblockable and the follow-up light doing less damage than his regular top heavy and like deflects just across the board are just nerfed completely like orochi’s heavy doing 29 damage and then on the other hand you have centurions charge heavy doing 40 damage and that’s just to name a few there’s so many more like weird damage values that just don’t make any sense honestly i’m fine with these attacks doing less damage but as long as all the other attacks do just as low damage across the board for all heroes in my honest opinion i felt like they did a really good job in the testing rounds and i thought that’s what we were going to get with this update just the fix of a few damage values that were like weird here and there but instead we just got a whole different formula for the damaged nerves i had no idea why they went and change what they did in the testing ground just to bring us this the the testing grounds was really really good the damage values made sense

the gameplay felt great it’s just a few attacks were over tuned or undertuned that just needed fixing and that’s what we thought we were going to get with this core combat update but next up guys is the stamina penalty now of course i know all of you guys know especially if you play characters like xiao lin but let me just get into this uh light attacks drain more stamina than before basically if you throw a light you lose 12 stamina and this is for everybody in the cast but the problem with this was heroes with like multiple guaranteed lights like a triple light like shaolin or double light like like shaman it drains a lot of stamina for example if you faint a heavy with shaolin and then go into your triple light it takes off like 58 if i’m not mistaken 58 stamina damage just to do that just for a couple of hits that don’t do much damage since the damage was nerfed across the board and then you want to flow into your key stance but you really can’t even do anything because you’re already halfway through your stamina bar you can’t really mix somebody up with that i just feel like the stamina changes were a little bit too much especially for certain heroes now if you’re playing a hero that throws one light here and there and mainly throws heavies you’re not really going to feel the stamina penalty but for characters who really rely on their lights to start their offense and if they have multiple lights in their chain or multiple guaranteed lights in their chain you’re really going to feel this stamina nerf moving on there were also nerfs and buffs to certain heroes that kind of didn’t make any sense number one is our musha now

aramusha got his heavy slowed down tremendously and a lot of players really didn’t understand exactly why these heavies got slowed down this was a faster character but he has really really slow heavies which didn’t really make sense it makes the character just overall feel a lot sluggish and honestly i don’t know what warranted this change also orochi got nerfed but it looked like a buff but in reality it was a pretty big nerf so orochi got his chain light slower which now his chain lights are almost obsolete because you can easily block them and stop his chain and on top of that they gave him an unblockable heavy to compensate for that slower light chain but the unblockable heavy isn’t useful because you can just back dodge it now we’ve had this problem in for honor where characters can back dodge unblockable attacks and completely avoid mix-ups and i just don’t understand why you would release a new update for orochi give him a top unblockable but it’s still able to be back dodged i just really didn’t understand that part because we’ve had this problem in for honor before it seems like a easy problem to avoid at this point just give the character some forward momentum when he throws his heavy so that if he faints it into a guard break it’ll catch back dodges but uh sadly orochi can be back dodged making his top unblockable

useless so now he doesn’t have chain lights and his top unblockable that compensated for is now useless as well but guys that’s not it to open up a new can of worms the new hero warmonger has some ridiculous feats guys some absolutely crazy busted feats tier one starts uh an ability called corruption that makes it so that you can’t gank anyone in this circle that you infected on your opponent and it’s just been an unpleasant experience going up against a stack of war mongers and fours that all have these broken feats and it makes it so that you don’t even want to play fours anymore me personally i haven’t touched four since this update comes out came out because i know just how bad like the experience is going to be i don’t know if they want to nerf these feats which i think they should if they want to introduce a single pick in in fours now i don’t know what they want to do with this but i strongly feel that these feats should be nerfed now i know the character changes and the character buffs and nerfs may take some time to address but i feel that something that you can’t address immediately is the damage values and the stamina drain i feel like these things can easily be compensated for or just reverted back to the testing ground changes we once had because back when we got to test out these changes for the first time

i believe it was week two of the testing ground correct me if i’m wrong but it was the it was the testing grounds where we had the quote unquote core combat update and basically it was perfect i love the changes in there the damage values were good minus a few attacks here and there that needed fixing but overall the experience was really really good and a lot of people enjoyed it and that’s why we were so hyped to get this core combat update because it was it was just an enjoyable experience everyone loved what the testing ground had to offer but when we got this update it was literally the opposite we didn’t get those same damage numbers we had in the testing grounds we didn’t we didn’t have the things that the testing ground offered and it just felt like there was just a bunch of unneeded stuff added in this core combat update that the testing grounds didn’t have and that’s what made the testing grounds so likable so hopefully we can get a um a revert back to the old testing grounds hopefully they can change some some stuff revert it back and that’s all we can really hope for guys leave your opinion down below how do you feel about this update i know a lot of you guys are mad but try try to have some constructive criticism guys try to try to leave some good comments down below let’s not try to bash the devs or anything even though i know you are angry i know you are pissed at the situation but just sending out hate speech isn’t going to help anything let’s try to be constructive here let’s try to give some good feedback and let’s try to make this game a lot better but this is my honest opinion of the core combat update leave a like if you enjoyed stay tuned for some gameplay coming up next and uh yeah don’t forget to subscribe peace out

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