The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Imperial Dragonknight (ESO PC Ultra)

The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 the storm is coming the scent of war swells in the air as the imperial throne lies empty the faith of all chambo rests on the strength of a common prisoners soul evil the wakens a long-vanished boasters those who would destroy Tamriel seek out dangers to their dark plot so deaths long arm reaches part it is the five hundred made his second year of the second era the drums war our sounding this is where our journey begins [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right what’s going on Liz gentlemen my name is hydrangea and this is the Elder Scrolls online I had an absolute blast playing the beta version of this game and it actually enticed me to preorder the Imperial version of the full game copy which gives you this Imperial class right here so yeah hopefully you guys are going to enjoy the series I’m gonna do at least

a couple episodes and if you guys want to see more let me know in the comment box and I think we can get some good support behind the series we’ll continue on this is the PC version of the game because that is the only one that exists at this time we are going to be playing on the absolute maximum settings as you can see right here if you want my PC specs as always they are in the description for you guys to check out I took the initiative and pre-made the character because that takes a while so we’re going to be playing as the ebon heart pack because just because no other reason than my favorite color is red as you can see and like I said Imperial and we’re gonna be playing as I Dragon Knight so yeah like I said hopefully guys got enjoy there’s a close-up of my mug so let’s get started search the cell solely you’ve been through an ordeal take a few moments to collect yourself like you I’m a prisoner in this place yet so much more and the past and the future both I am despair and hope the tapestry we weave is a complex one you cannot hope to see its pattern in its entirety you must rescue me and I in turn must rescue you you must escape from this cell take up arms and protect yourself then find litters tighten the wailing prison so as expected this game starts off exactly as the beta did so it should be pretty straightforward I don’t know just see

I gotta go get a weapon our weapons and the hordes beyond these cells oh you got our myself think I’m gonna go with something a little bit different this time though I say that but it’s probably not gonna happen I’ve always been a sword and shield type of guy oh this is different hey stop two-handed mace sword and shield so the weapon pickup is different from the beta it used to be like a rack here pretty nice rack decisions decisions decisions yeah I’m a sword and shield kind of guy okay can I take no I can’t do it man so weapons made hand as their lady right next to me light attack heavy attack walk interruption okay all right let us do this you can never go wrong with a sword shield it’s kind of like meat potatoes oh that is some massive change we got that dude oh you got interrupted son well like is the regenerating health keeps the combat going don’t stop heal all I good stuff I’m Statia mom all right Jennifer Hale you got more meat on your bones than most of these poor bastards and I see you’ve armed yourself good I hope you’ve still got some fight left in you you’re going to need it a fellow prisoner the name’s Liris what who told you to find me that prophet he spoke to you What did he say ha that sounds like the Prophet all right he’s the prisoner here – it was very dangerous for him to speak to you even for a moment must they break

I can get that blind old man is the only person alive who can help us get back ok so connect points any point so I have let’s do stamina commit all right we need some new gear feel absolutely naked I’m probably going to be doing everything that I did in the beta just because there might be some new people watching this so that means at least I know what I’m doing right right they are all shriven last time I got a spell here I guess that’s not happening we gotta earn our magic straight circle straight circle stray o11 olmstead okay teamwork other players are in this so the other characters are actually real characters real people all right get to the eye Sauron looser on all right quickly while he’s blinded we must get to the profits tell Gail Gail Gail Gail Gail a lot of brutality knows abuse p3 what are we moving here you respond back in follow the arrow above Oh damnit destroying the Sentinel must have triggered these wards we’ll need to find another way in Cadwell is the oldest of the soul shriven after years of torment soul shriven usually go insane and turn feral but not Cadwell he was already insane Gladwell sees things as he wishes them to be to him cold Harbor is a wondrous place it’s his home okay we’re gonna go find this guy

I would love to listen to Jennifer Hale speak all day but I got things to do – what’s this ad for strolling lovely day for it sir can well yes indeed a pleasure and firmly respond to see over there how are you there oh dear oh dear well that is inconvenient isn’t it anyone I happen to know another way in much more of a scenic route rather a fun little jaunt actually full of traps and corpses nasty beasties filling up the bits in between rather cautiously unexpect watch your step hold your nose and do mind the traps follow the river you’ll find the door to the undercroft of the waters and once you’re inside stick to the light and your festive luck do check in now and again once okay follow the river path huh God now like a freakin Amazon warrior Oh dropped an attacker before he died which way we go in here this way I made sure that I got a fairly silent keyboard and mouse wall you can’t really get a silent mouse but in terms of I gotta wait for her oh my god I should really jump but before that happens open the door open the door open the door using cherry I mix brown keys if you you know keyboards at all only thing I think silent are red keys but they don’t have that tactile feel that I like compromise between the red and the blue all you all that nerve talk that law do you may not understand I actually got some decent gear here when I went there here I think is randomize it has to reset once in a while Wow though because there’s just so many people walking through this scene this is the very beginning of the game so the chests are going to be aplenty drippings there you go that’s robes no points let’s see something is better than nothing even though I look like a crossdresser

I didn’t check the stats it could actually be worse for all I know it doesn’t look like I’m going the right way either but I’m aced cornele more drippings and she gets she’s getting speared ah there we go that’s better put those in a second do that now actually I’m sorry can I just take it off I’d rather wear nothing yeah help you Spartan style I’d rather wear nothing go what’s nothing chillin chillin at my maple the Colonel’s staff I lost we got yeah slime empty come on give me something good or slime good goat meat what the hell you doing back there give me something good lockpick okay we push board it was here probably through the traps they respond a person right here increase my heavy armor someone raided that already oh come on dude share the well what’s swimming you know snake slime oh this way gotta get to a ladder Oh lockpicks oh don’t tell me someone raided this already oh no their pecs okay we go off fun but skates should be just ahead quickly now we haven’t much time it’s right here all right good news is we made it here in one piece and the profit looks unharmed now the bad news it’s going to be up to you to keep him safe and get him back to Tamra I probably should have mentioned this before but it never seemed like the right time there’s a trick to opening myself the only way for a prisoner to leave is for another living soul to take their place I need to swap places with the Prophet me

I wish there was I don’t see anyone else here with a beating heart do you if Molag Bal isn’t stopped he’ll destroy everyone and everything we’ve ever loved the Prophet chose you for a reason there are magical locking devices on either side of the cage you need to deactivate both of them so I can begin the transfer once it’s done get moving the Prophet will know where to go this actually glitched out for their first time I played this and these things didn’t show up hopefully we should be good now deactivate I’m going to just take a look around here to make sure that they’re not any cool chests that I can get they reduce the amount of chess by lots of it yeah not nearly as many or any actually alright so chances are come on there you are thank the Divine’s you are safe there is that at least let us sacrifice everything that we might go free ice wish that were possible but I promise you once we escape cold harbour we will find a way to rescue her together message that is the name I had given you you are but a trace of your former self a Souls an empty vessel that longs to be filled it is as the Sproles fulfilled but not exactly as I imagined that is what I’ve come to be called my true name is Harbor I can use one of these anchors to return us to Tamia would you okay here we go nothing chatted chatter you let us move draw up move profit move old man push on Jesus don’t do that where’s the help where’s the hell you’re supposed to be helping me none of that supposed to be healing you’re healing right here he comes souls of the Damned weapons oh my god huh there’s the healing stay behind them circle straight straight surface straight oh is they out of the red zone come on yeah it’s not staying the red zone but where he’s gonna shoot us with something almost there guys just tanking it I’m pretty much invincible he’s got just full feel on for me nope not happening can’t remember was this guy in the beta it might have been I just have really bad memory where’s the help

this should be on the characters here give me a hand baby keep watching yeah not all three take it though Neal all right I did not do very well raiding this room at all the only thing I got was lock picks so I’m probably just gonna edit that out so the dark anchors portal is high above us I will prepare a spell to lift us to it but first you must react to your self to learn in order to regain your physical form to do this you will need us a shard of ethereal Magica that carries the essence of nirn some link them to local the missing god a variation if you collect and absorb its power it should restore your corporeal form I will summon one of these shards someone the shard rape akatosh dragon gonna cry your children are lost a fog between worlds then cry out for mercy hear my voice akatosh I require your strength let the way be opened that is wandering Souls return home let the will of Molag Bal be denied hurry we must go now and to Tamriel ish don’t either scream like a girl near the best is awakens once again come here witness speak as I fear we arrived in different locations and in a place with the smell of vermin ash from a hot wind to the sounds of a distant battle it matters not fearful days weeks I cannot tell the voyage between worlds disrupted all sense of time and space

I know only that you were deposited into the sea and some charitable soul fished you out brought you through I’m afraid you’ll have to decide that for yourselves I must focus on searching for a way to repay lyricist both sacrifice I cannot simply abandon her to the wrath I cannot foresee that not yet but we will meet again that is still much we need to accomplish they wear in vestige of air a plane of existence is at peril a threat of moment bow looms across all Tamriel the chaos spreads in its shadow you must find your own path but perhaps that is a reason for the place in which you find yourself explore search for a cause to lend your hand join with others you might even seek out those who rescued you from the sea the choice is yours okay through the door whoa this is not what happened last time completely different Wow okay [Music] [Music] okay I want to level up see no title haha I need some shoes alright multiple quests don’t frighten an old man like that didn’t think you were still breathing when they dragged you out of the drink but here you are plain as day you owe a lot to the crew from bleak Rock someone named araƱa needs aid on bleak Rock she asked for volunteers but we’ve got our own problems in Darwin’s watch no one signed up her boss and Liezel is down by the docks if you want to ask her about it okay can’t you see I’m busy diesel who are you we need an edge in this fight

I’m whole gun the nord commander here in Davin’s watch my men are the spine and strong arm of the ebonheart pact I’ve heard good things about you the Covenant is attacking Gavin’s watch The Devil’s bombarded the Northern District now they’re ashore preparing to attack I need every able hand individual stand where you’re needed right now Grandmaster tunnel in Durrell’s at a Manor in the north of the city he’s got a smart plan but he needs help I why your gear follow me or meet me there your choice there just follow him there start walking [Music] okay I just work I guess we’re meeting in there yeah this is completely different on a horse follow me I’ll meet me there your choice excellent let’s get going let’s get going I’m pretty sure I got a horse with the pre-order version of this game of the Imperial Edition question is how to access covenants been bombarding the city for days [Music] I came to fight with my old comrade Tonto he just walked right through that person ghosty bastard didn’t even get a soldier’s death [Music] I want to look as cool as this guy does ah that cuz it’s a freakin t-rex frog some of these guys have pets Hogan said you were reliable I trust his instincts and I know there is much work to do the Covenant closes on us like Knicks hounds on a kill they think they’ve already won the city they’re entirely wrong they are doomed to the last man you are the plan there’s a relic beneath the city guarded by spirits of My Ancestors for me to fight them would be blasphemy but you aren’t of how Cinderella the entrance is through the tombs across the square bring the relic here only that you need to bring it I tried to reason with my ancestors but they do not understand our peril I really like that the beginning of the game is not exactly like the data it’s a nice surprise [Music] [Music] legacy of our ancestors

I am there [Music] okay main quest [Music] you [Music] collect the skull of nan indoor l3 Archer oh I can do it gold yeah why isn’t no help come on quit slacking where’s the hell oh I know you’re friendly this guy’s big I like him Oh what the hell social strafe still straight it’s not that tough go ahead look around here for a second nothing good the guy pushed on far ahead there are safety in numbers [Music] wait I’m level three now aren’t I that means I can who needs a shield everyone else knows where it’s at fight the ghost eek pretty sure she just took what I needed I just need to wait a second here for it to reappear you had it that’s that more exploring can’t open it yet nope this is another way out of here nope guys hacking your pets gotta help you bro your hand take off like this to horde two swords business hit for mucho damage deal out heavy damage guys Oh guys fists were fire I’m just like what what my fists be on fire okay one stone falls all right I got your skill so I just killing one these guys reward me did you recover the Redick that was one of my ancestors he refuses to recognize the threat facing us today it’s time to turn the tables on the Covenant for that you must buy me some time I need time to prepare the ritual that will bring this to an end we have to delay the Covenant troops to the south ask Holden he’s commanding the defense of the west gate if you need a guide speak to Garin delaying the daggers pull up a ball plumb off blow up oh I want my mount where’s the mount I also need to stop being half naked that would be a great thing to do talk to whole drum talk below oh dear that is a far drop see if there’s a staircase I can know there’s a staircase do all the things wonder if I No where is my good stuff Huck [Music] weasel back on your feet already you needn’t offer me gold I only did what anyone should

I hope someone in need unlike some people I can point we sure can even from near drowned folks like you they’ve been back to bleak Rock a couple of times since plucking you from the sea but a scruff of your neck things aren’t getting better there it’s nothing most folks I pull from the sea are already did but you’ve got decent gear I bet you’ve seen battle I told my boss rana about you are my last trip and she wants to meet you pay me back by helping her come with me to bleak rock bleak rock is I think or the beta began I’m pretty sure doing a fast travel there by looks like it [Music] yeah here we are all this makes sense now chicken chicken chicken change your country if this is continues off where the beta is I’ll probably finish all the other missions and the other city first just because a lot of guys have not seen that yet if you watch my favorite footage then you probably seen this section I’m short on good help and I could use someone capable you’ve seen combat and

I need all the help I can get today villages are scattered across the island we need to warm them we sighted a ship offshore I’ve set my troops to investigate if it’s the vanguard of an invasion well we’ll need to evacuate you’ll find the people of bleak Rock all across the island Darsh the hunter went to sky shroud Barrow aemon’s out at orcas hauler with his sister Rolonda say my sergeant is that it Holland’s folly yeah it’s definitely the exact same missions okay we’re gonna finish all the missions in the other area first just because those are completely new to me Haagen Horrigan below good shuttle back I really hope I don’t miss out on something though if I tag along and my skiff if you’d like I’m heading back to Davin’s watch and they’ve actually drivers watch something new and exciting [Music] all right so people make me jealous with their pets and their horses I want that good stuff that everyone else has okay [Music] what is this by the Divine’s bail servers in this place get uglier by the day huh is that right well then it sounds to me like you a League of like-minded adventurers every one of us eager for riches and glory sound like anyone you know usual dungeon delving and monster fighting is not for the weak of God but that’s the easy part we are part especially Punggol grotto seems like a good test the dark dank cave you returned from see if you can best whatever’s inside if you survive got it okay No and to the grotto kind of want to just talk to everyone first maybe I can pick up missions as I go along I must finish this so much stuff to do so much stuff

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