Shroud Plays World Of WarCraft

Shroud Plays World Of WarCraft

Shroud Plays World Of WarCraft I’m doing a very tedious grind right now but I need to do it hi dad hi did you get all your mythix done yet people are messaging me in-game No so I don’t really need anything on my mage I mean like I do but I don’t I guess like I got pretty high item level my heart needs to be level 18 it needs to be it needs to be 18 so I can get the second trait I get the second trait I get heed my call most likely either heed my call or the little globe thingies but I think I’m gonna get to eat my call I don’t know one of these two i’ve decided yet and then 19 I’m not even gonna worry about it there’s no way I get 19 as they’re up Azeroth level before raid day there’s no way no way I need to fly to wool para alright so I’m gonna we’re playing Wow doing tedious shit for two hours then scum word on the street is that you still have a fat cock has things changed since last night what what’d you just say to me where the fuck I am Thank You yells monk has things changed this last night

I don’t know what you’re referring to are you referring to the boy but typically if you’re running away sorry Sakura stream open my background I just turned on the line for sex he’s explaining something great line of sight and either hide or chain cut corners and change angles certainly even if they can run faster than you if you’ve run away and you’ve cut corners and you’re hidden where they’ll be like shit where’s he gone yeah it’s gonna be very tedious and boring so we might just leave it in sub-only mode because you guys are about to fucking roasts and toasts and roasts and toasts and and if you want a roasts and toasts go right ahead dude free content you know I’m saying free content you got free content that’s it you click off go somewhere else until I play a game that you may like I will be playing this for probably about two hours not even in his own not even in his own guild pepĂ© hands oh my god is that I love you crowd thank you well you what you can do is play some ion feels good man hella man tools I could Oh God oh they’re definitely gonna frag me dude there’s like four of them without a doubt they killed me here 100% these guys fucking fight me and I die let’s just go little bit skunk is it still fat yeah it’s flat yeah it’s still flat or oh you said fat I’m sorry the answer is always yes oh I want to check how many people are in my guilds I made a guild on Illidan a horde you all want to check it out it’ll be more for fun but of course if you want to fucking I don’t have my water elemental man fuck 500k fuck you think

I am why didn’t you ever come to Greece for vacation up probably not know thank you for confirming shroud I appreciate it shitter all Thank You Broyles like $90 buy me a thank you Oh control alright this alliance is probably gonna kill me cuz there’s like six of them but like here I’m gonna get close get close get close get close get close get those pickles good Burtt I don’t have my fucking water elemental dude I’m stupid there’s so many Alliance right here brah her I hate this question there’s like fucking seven over there dude can you confirm that or not what confirm it confirm your donation yeah I think you donated right 100 and 120 yeah definitely good confirm it dude you’re owning your outing no shraddh stream for three days cries bro you were donating so much house monk relax my dude chill for me fam this should finish this assuming alliances and kill me you guys not gonna kill me they didn’t finish it finish your guild on Illidan called ghosted we named it ghost it was actually very fitting we were trying to think of a troll named for the guilds or trying to think of like fucking cocks out or something I don’t know which I think of something control but we couldn’t think of anything and we were just trying to make

it really last second so we just made it go stood so let me put my fucking my water elemental back on and then so this on my druid here you can stream at PAX what’s the problem I don’t want well like okay I will relax sorry for giving you my money Cutlass cock okay I love it I love it thank you how’s the bug for the fucking 150 now how much was that your outing thank you bro I appreciate it king of the Dinks think of the six months anyway we made this guild ghosted you made it look like that’s cool okay so we made this guild it’s nothing serious is just for fun if you want to join and you’re on Illidan you’re guiltless or whatever you can p.m. me and yeah that’s pretty much it it’s just uh for fun guilds nothing crazy there bird yep you know yep tato v equal to five months yeah I know this isn’t what everyone wants to watch I apologize in advance this is what I have to do I have to do this yes it is something that I have to do okay I have to I need this heart okay the last thing I’m gonna do I don’t need to focus on doing all my mystics on my mage like I did too okay so yeah I’d be cool to maybe do a couple more I don’t know fucking some dude named jalopy no kool-aid said you suck ass ban him I will not do such things unless he’s a pleb I will ban plebs left and right buddy maybe I can do shrine on my mage and see if I get this trinket it’s not the best drink it but i seriously think squalls the shit buff or not buffer not dude I still think it’s bad see how that’s these guys so his squalls still shit for what these guys even on this 23 of them one maybe someone will answer maybe some of them though let’s run some mythix broski so if i want to run any mythix so basically i’ve only did two mythix right on this mage i don’t really need anything yeah I would hope for titan-forged aprox or best in slot pieces you know crit hey secret hey script has crit haste is right now I don’t have the best in slot pieces right cuz like for example spring is actually pretty good hates versatility bad fucking crit mastery bad haste mastery bad but it’s 350 career mastery kind of bad – like I could I could replace those pieces with stats but I really don’t care that much I really I just I kind of just want to shrink it I really just want to shrink it so I can replace the walls because of the spoopy the only like plus side that using it as it has int that’s to 36 in because it’s 355 item oh that’s it that’s the only plus side I bet you this fucking thing’s better bet you I bet you

I don’t even I haven’t even seemed it I don’t even know but I bet you it’s better that’s how bad squalls 11k viewers that’s pretty fucking good hell yeah let’s go baby you got to realize when you play a game like this you got to look oh I’ll keep pulling bro let’s go let’s go let’s go keep pulling keep pulling keep pulling good whoever you are mr. warrior I like this I like you holy shit we just killed a lot okay now I just need it we’ve killed so many things right there I need to touch the Globes big lips Troy why are you biting my chair MA dude is there another one this guy just keeps pulling this over and over you don’t need to kill that bunch bro relax this is really cool actually though look at all this shit that he can keep killing you don’t need to do it okay there we go so hard to watch it I don’t understand this game at all yeah yes Troy you’re pissing me off by my chair my dude kid he’s not pulling for the world quest they’re farming for Beuys cool that’s actually a good farm that’s just crazy dude they just keep respawning over and over it all that loot all that loot all that loot that’s really dope actually I used to do that I used to farm bo ease and vanilla what a fucking waste of time that was literally I’ll never farm for Bo ease again there’s literally it’s I it doesn’t pay out ever souks he said it’s worse than most dungeon trinkets at 3:40 really only useful to replace heroic trinkets and I level pad good for frost though if that’s what you’re playing I have this trinket whoever said that dudu don’t I honestly think I’m gonna buy back into this game go for me it’s kind of fun it does feel like a job though but that’s only if you want it to feel like that mutt right like I’m kind of playing it kind of seriously because I want to attempt high level I want to attempt high level raids I don’t necessarily have a guild for it I wish I did I wish I had a serious guild for it I don’t but I’m gonna try my best to attempt high level rating with there I say this a pug okay so we’re gonna see how that goes so next week when I get back from pax I’m gonna try to make a pug it’s gonna be like a streamer group okay so what I’m gonna try to do and hopefully other people are on board with me is people like a lyric Anthony fucking JP shortie loco me fuck you and Jeremy I don’t know I’ll just fucking whoever I’m gonna keep compiling people and then we’re probably gonna have to fill a couple of those slots with like straight pugs which is gonna be kind of weird but you got to do she got to do you know wait why am i oh I’m stupid please tell me the sell OS is this tree doesn’t l OS not high highs nice game nice tenly tan would

play again what you invited me for if my friend hates shroud hello it’s time I promise if I buy a ticket to pax I hang out with you I mean for probably for like for like a little bit yeah not like fucking full day let’s hang out be best pals cuz that’s not realistic but somehow that’s not how that works you know but yeah you see me at the event you say hello we shake hands maybe kiss that’s all good you know it’s all good wait did I not kill captain what I thought I pulled him oh you reset I see I got to see what mr. Sookie said mr. Sok see all right shoot this and then we’re done right and then okay we’re Audi 5000 whistle no she’s not up whistles about to be up though oh damn look at warrior deeps yeah oh it’s hydraulics I was like oh the fuck was that helping me out okay I got to do one more and it’s this one over here something a whistle thanks for helping out hydraulics did you get my gold by the way let me ask him did you get nice gold okay let me see accuracy relies on the freaks who do Sims to update with hot fixes whenever that happens but you can use that say to get general idea all those things you’ve synced with all those there and string cats are better situationally that only uses general single target or add cleave comparisons okay where am i flying to where’s the flight dude my dumb no you spit it out bitch what hunter is just playing us beast bastard all puppies finally sleeping okay I literally cannot move he is literally tangled in my chair legs he has his paw under my leg my chair leg he has other paw under the other leg and then he has his head resting on top of the the metal part of the chair like the legs not the wheels the legs fucking I don’t know what the hell they’re called dude

I think those are called legs chair legs maybe I connect to the wheel I kind of want to try fire it’s not weird I think fire is banging you need high crit I definitely don’t have high crit 16 percentage shit put who knows next week it might change hangout is in I really want to play with your fat cock wink wind okay now I know you’re sure I thought that was a genuine question when you asked them originally oh you’re serious now I know you’re trolling hey man you could touch whatever you want how much you donate to 40 you can do whatever you want to me baby where the fuck I am if you’re looking for dungeon gear to do most overall not just oh it’d be to fall but whatever worked out I love slow falling and getting stuck in a spot like this oh shit this guy owns oh this guy fucking this guy and playing around man don’t don’t give me lead don’t go in there you’re gonna get fucking owned really one or two men this okay this isn’t gonna go over well but hey you know man here down I’m down I don’t think he realizes HP but hey Noel OS Doh doh-doh doh-doh yeah we’re dead we’re done we’re dead yeah yep wait there’s another boy yes okay there’s a chance for us maybe I don’t know dude I can’t heal and I’m scared I’m afraid oh don’t touch me I don’t know if those things do why am I taking damage we’ll just hit me this game is rigged I’m destined to fail well we almost have it I don’t think we’re gonna kill it though be impressive it really would what’s gonna hit me it is oh we got it we got it man we’re better we’re better dude well then that shit oh wait we don’t have it we don’t have an eye at night at night yet no so close what yes we did it as three that’s actually I’m surprised I’m shocked that we did that straight up I’m shocked that we managed to pull that off oh yeah I guess all right oh I’m 40 you’ll see sook Wallace is absolutely garbage for every caster it only really works decently on single target anything more than one target squall’s is really bad okay this is one of the fucking best players dude from limit okay I’m trusting his every word I have squalls equipped right now but I would like to replace it with a different trinket but I don’t think I’ll be able to I need to see stock I’m gonna go really quickly get C stock cuz I want that dude I could do this chat I could do it

I could get my heart 18 before tomorrow I think I think cuz so I need 6.5 K more I get 2.5 k / I got 2.5 k from the islands when I finish but to do the islands I need to do at least three mythic so that’s 900 and then we could get how many more how much more power can we get from here 205 361 Tam 250 – 43 – 68 to 70 241 to 70 that’s a lot of fucking power straight up and then I wait for wait for more of them to come up in nine hours I could do it I could do it I can get my heart level 18 definitely why did I go here I NEC stock + 2 + 2 that’s a lot of damage for tea set pro-ice that’s so I’m just gonna buy I’m just gonna do this 10 Oh the auction house works holy shit ill is la one fucking 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I think I might have just bought over I don’t know holy shit dude that’s crazy it’s not lagging Illidan is not lagging look at this I’ll pick it up my mail immediately I bought items immediately did Blizzard fixed um short fuck and Blizzard fix their shit oh wait maybe I didn’t maybe I just don’t check the other page right stupid goddamn it a little lag even a I just did every mythic that would drop it to me and her weapon yesterday and got nothing yeah that’s how I felt with a helmet dude I’m so happy I would not have a I would still have a blue helmet if Blizzard didn’t implements as the right trading this week I would still have a blue helmet now I got two daggers in the back and I’m happy about it it’s pretty good not bad not bad guy messaged me saying thank you for playing mage I mayn’t Farrell and it was shit but watching play frost was pretty fun good luck on your AIDS are you gonna do arenas I might try yeah this guy’s name is Rubik that’s a really cool name actually Rubick for a mage

I like it old dota fan it was not as bad earlier in the day Roger my laziness I’m just gonna TP back up Bush shit you back him to cover with Sakura plan was I just heard somebody that sounded familiar alright so we’re gonna go jump over to I don’t know if you guys want to join on these world quests um if you guys do I’ll just make a party really quick but we’re just pretty much all I’m doing is no start a group cult or us AAP shraddha boy she guys want you guys want to fucking jump in and and do some of these bites you mom and I will invite you to and I’ll invite you as well very over for okay so yeah we’re gonna start I just need to do a couple more so I need to go head on over to coulter Oz we’re gonna go to dress far let’s start just for really quickly bang out this one a dress far as her empowerment go to the flight point go to to sound to your chair guard I’m sorry put the Pratt was called for a second go to tear guard do this blah blah blah I straight into the Wow grind yeah well I’m not gonna be playing for long so I I said I’m only gonna be playing for like two hours or whatever max max two hours today of Wow I played fucking eight hours yesterday so I did a lot of my shit that I had to do yesterday but uh right now all I’m trying to do is do these world quest for artifact power once I do one two three four five six seven eight once I do all eight in this area I’m assuming that’ll take I don’t know 30 40 minutes maybe max an hour and then maybe one more hour I’ll spend on doing expeditions island expeditions will do mythix will just pull together a fucking God Squad real quick high at him level fuckin farm through the mythix and then that’ll get me my 2.5 k for the week plus the 900 for doing three mythix actually

is it three or four mythix that you need to do to get the artifact power or to get ya to get 40 KR dezirae power to finish the the weekly is it three mythix or four I thought it was three but it could be four it’s for okay there’s no point of doing mythic island strokes they’re way more time effective yeah you might be right maybe I’ll just go we’ll fucking get together three DPS fucking squad and just fly through the heroics oh I did this one yesterday okay or no I didn’t do this one yes I did but I was on my alts this is on this guy I haven’t done it on this eye-catching I was confused I was like how the fuck am I doing this again forgot I got two characters let’s come fix their servers I don’t know no more Wow after the first hours their first two hours um so I’m playing with mr. madrenas himself in about two hours I told him we could I just realized I don’t have arguments I told him we could fuck in Oh what am I saying dude what’s wrong with me I told him we could play some scum if he’s interested did you guys all get it or should I wait should I wait for some guys know me to wait for you so that we’re a team at unit 1 healer to DPS better file on expeditions what about three majors okay what about three frost mages no shadow I adopted a Siberian Husky today he’s 15 weeks old any tips for your time with the Troy so I would say double-check I don’t need it you’re good but I’m on the way oh okay he said he doesn’t need it all right I don’t whistle back and then I’m gonna fly and then I’m gonna fly to timber fell the expedition’s a cyber superfast regardless of cops since you could buy an Opie demolisher for three coins to stop four oaks in five minutes wait you could buy a demolisher is that new where the fuck

I am three mages to squish you one here that allows you to pull big I seriously think three mages and heroic expedition would farm oh yeah you might be right like a disc priest or something to throw that in the mix but the items you could buy out the balloons rotate weekly in this week you could get a demo tank holy shit that’s crazy I don’t have anything please do I know I think so god my ear stop stop okay it’s gone so loud what are these for I have so many I just don’t know what they’re for checking currency oh it’s all got to this guy’s an evil dude I don’t like him I don’t like him he’s evil what’s his name the Santos I don’t trust they’ll do he’s an evil evil dude makes me uncomfortable I’m Bob do the only thing I hate about when I was a lot of people didn’t believe that they know it all when it comes to everything while related um you hate that about Wow you could say that about every game that’s just people you know and it makes sense because like if you it makes sense because if you fucking if you play wow this much right or you play any game this much of course they’re gonna be confident that you fucking know it all of course there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it as long as what you like get told that you’re wrong you check it out and then if you know that you check it out and you investigate and I go shit yeah I was wrong that’s fine but even if they check it and then they still think they’re right one clearly it’s wrong then then you know that’s when I’d say it’s a little different seriously though any game it’s gonna be like that if you play a game a lot of course there’s gonna be no dolls hey he’s playing for a fire mage new year not at all why you play a fire bro I wanted to try fire just for fun like one dungeon I want to do like one mythicist fire and see how it feels I don’t even remember how to play fire dude to be honest it’s been a while amen I could just tag mobs and then let everyone else kill it for me it’s really fun oh damn Mike Oh Nicole just crit for fucking 20k holy shit that’s gnarly actually give me out of combat dude give me out of pocket combat whistling I’m out this bitch where’d you get this that’s like the best thing slot for dumb ages for any caster I think actually it’s a really good item I don’t even know where you get it though oh it’s a raid mm-hmm

so come on next week world boss okay two different things interesting twitch chat it’s world boss okay world bosses come out next week so next week when raids and world bosses come out does that mean they’re gonna bring the ancient coin back where you can double roll on something cuz if so I got to make sure I fuckin buy those coins and then figure out what drops what and then do some rolls it’s like for example let’s let’s drink it right here whatever world boss has it I’m gonna make sure if there’s coins are in the game make sure that I roll on that coin I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be in the game is starting raid day cuz there’s a vendor right now that has it for like it’s supposed to have it but he just kind of tells you to fuck off how was his Azeroth once why you play this cuz I’m fuckin down what I don’t know better question is why aren’t you playing this she didn’t think about that did you oh this was individual takes way too long the level in Lao now what did you really just say those words takes way too long to level in wow it’s what you just said you must not have played Wow in a very long time and by very long I mean like ten plus years literally leveling is a fucking joke now they pretty much give you the levels that’s they should give you all the levels that’s how fucking easy it is and fast they literally should give you the levels alright so we have a DK or something shit okay how are we gonna get across this water dude actually I gotta stop the ritual that’s annoying oh you’re playing wow this early yeah I’m just getting some shit done that’s all getting some shit done I watch my I want my heart level 18 what’s my heart’s level 18 I’m done like that’s it that’s it I’m captain sigh I get level 18 mythix sure maybe I’ll do them just for fun if I’m fucking if I’m fucking around but the only with the only thing I’m gonna want from mythix is either specific trinkets to replace squalls in certain fights I got a lot of Intel saying that squalls is really good single target but you add one target and it goes to shit if you had more than one target on squalls so I need to find another trinket so maybe shrine or block I don’t know I don’t know where

trinkets or even from dude fuck get off my screen wait shaman could give us water walking I know shit why do I feel like I knew that well can you give us it now right here then I can so follow us I looked what hey are we like officially friends that helps bunk absolutely we are that’s how that works are you not using anti-aliasing a first process and Wow looks so much better I don’t know where’s post process no my blind why am I not saying process I don’t know dude I’m fucking blind his foot what am I doing here oh yeah we’re stopping the ritual where oh wow is it made to look good okay so this the whole quest world quest let it oh now we got to kill this thing 3spooky 5me [Music] okay we can whistle now right yeah whistle whistle whistle everybody and then go up get the alchemist Pitts and then fucking we have one more right no wait what well there’s one down here ash do I have that flight point okay well I’m gonna go do that first I didn’t realize there was one down here I’m not that fly point but I could go here run it scum was actually a really good game with lily and Saint potential just needs a lot of work it’s like most games these days almost every game now literally every game is like that it comes out early access and you’re like wow so much potential and then either the devs don’t do it fast enough or the devs do it completely wrong they go the wrong direction with it all right game sucks I could just as easily happiness come like what I like about scum is it it seems already to be like a pretty established survival game which is good like it feels like a pretty good survival game like another dayz it feels good you don’t get that feeling a lot from a lot of games that try to copy it right that is can i how do I get here do I have to climb this mountain and then slow fall down no are you gonna pax west yes okay I will be at PAX I’ve never been to a pax before so I’m kind of excited fuck yeah I’ve never been to a pax before it’s exciting huh yeah why are you not playing pubs you play pubs you tomorrow it’s no rush no rush man no rush oh shit this is the dungeon oh that’s cool I’m gonna kill this squawks no food a school oh stop push it be crooked bitch don’t do it again god damn it he’s doing it again that’s cool this is the dungeon I didn’t realize this was even in the game I just wanted that 41 azurite shit yes with you I don’t know why I think that’s cool what I do I’m new nose was like a spot on the map green hell just got released today like you’re gonna try it what the hell is a green hell I don’t know what that is god it’s never heard of it now that we have to do here there’s a kill shitter all right not sure what we’re supposed to do here do we just hope for a random drop I guess that’s what we do what’s wrong with

this mob mobs like stuff I do hang so weird world quest I guess you guys just keep killing it over and over and over again no no oh here we go I got one now do we have to fight like other mops never done this world quest I don’t really know we have to fight other mobs now to get the other one Oh like these dudes hey you guys oh hey we got it of course their mega will cover here nice my water elementals in here where you at oh here inside that’s it wait what’s that not even the Questor oh fuck me dude I thought that was uh I thought that was the artifact power quest the whole time that was just a waste of alright whatever dude I’m just trying to do the artifact power ones I don’t care about honorbound rap I actually really want to unlock the meat or the bag heart there come back alright I do want to unlock up for sure and I will in the future cuz I’m lazy I’m whistling how much lettuce some fuck it lazy okay try for your the wolves after wow it’s is that game even out I don’t know what it is um where’s the Swiss oh it shred play got an old account character or is this a brand new one that he made uh this account this is this has been my account since vanilla I made this mage in vanilla I have a video of this mage from vanilla when I was literally 10 years old I was 10 years old and I made a while videos on YouTube it’s listed as private it’s on my account I made a while video of this same age it was so bad my computer was lagging it was freezing the videos quality was shit and it was like there was two videos actually I made two one was me and my buddy it was so stupid because I was like a level at the time my mage was like level 29 in vanilla and my buddy was like a 37 warrior and we were in like fuck like dustwallow me no we weren’t in just wallet we were in no no we were in now I gotta remember the zone sort of pissed me off I forgot was called I don’t know alliance zones very well we were in here I think we were here honestly I don’t remember I obviously don’t remember we were I think we were in an alliance zone and we were just killing like level 20s or something smooth stupid and then there was another video when my majors

like 30 but it was when the Alliance was attacking org and I was just sitting there neutral level 30 and I was like first person like this and I was watching it all happen god the quality was so bad dude it was I think the quality is like 160 PE or 240p or something so even if you were to watch it now you literally can’t see anything it’s just a blur but it is on it is on the internet world’s it is oh thank you for the gifts packet peckers because hug ha easy clap actually just got a wild tattoo literally two months ago I got to show you it hailey has it a horde tattoo I’ve always wanted a tattoo but I just I’ll probably never get it so that’s fine oh wait what oh you popped this fucking his boy how how cheese oh jeez oh my god what is that what is the ability called killing spree or something I don’t know that’s gonna be the the death of me in the future of this game if I if I do want a PvP I don’t know any any abilities or classes anymore at all I only know mine oops I only know mine that’s it I don’t know anyone elses because I haven’t played this game it’s so long that I just don’t know all my water elementals lit up that’s good listen man I’m just trying to just trying to do this quest okay fucking silence me you bish alright I just want to do this quest okay fuck you guys it’s all I’m here for here for the quest that we got our whistle up fuck yeah claps all around everybody all right we got one more quest to do are we really killing this guy again you guys are evil they’re evil people you’re all evil whistle I should do the Hornet fuck I’m already gone even I would’ve been free artifact power god this is annoying to do I hate this I hate that I’m doing this but I have to I have to I have to okay we’re gonna fly seekers Vista oh my god I could I could potentially do a battle pet quest you think I could do it I think I can you got to choose level one battle pets right to make it the most fair I want that 205 hugging as arranged so thank you for all those gifts by the way toxic for life those 50 fucking subs bro thank you that was you did not have to do that so I really appreciate it man you don’t have to almost you want to miss the grid and shit okay I you’re right I don’t have to but it’s more like I want to I want to at least get like when I play when I play wow I set a goal for myself and my goal right now was to get all epic gears 340 plus so my head on levels 346 that’s good now my goal is to just get this heart one more level so I could get one more azurite straight and then I’m good then I’m done that’s it fuck’s going on put me in combat and shit or supposed to kill this guy oh god team I’m gonna wait for everybody to get here because this is gonna be a boy and a half already Batman a bat bat bat bat bat bat bat bat bat bat pepper I’m gonna pop lost cool been in it brother when you’re doing over there try can feel you moving like a feel you moving feel you moving dog okay I’m gonna try this battle pet quest this is the last quest that I have to do so thank you guys for helping me I did all my world quest for azurite thank you thank you

I’m gonna try the battle pet quest okay I’m probably gonna die oh my god this thing dies only time I think your best bet for battle pets is to be your best pet bet for lamella bet for battle pets us to pick level once I think right possibly hello begin pet battle oh shit what pets do I have on oh fuck oh no okay oh god I lost I need to know we need to get out get out get out forfeit forfeit we have levels and that’s not gonna work dude alright so I think to make my battle pets to make this work I need to have level 1 pets so I need to get rid of this little 4 so get this level 4 out of here alright let’s fucking put light breath on ok I think I need to have a level 1 pet so that it scales to level 1 ok alright now will you spam one button and hope for the orangey gods to be on your side so far he looks this nightmare weaver looks very I’m not gonna be able to beat him how am I supposed to beat this guy it’s gonna be impossible it’s literally impossible to beat this guy he has way too high HP um oh my god I’m not gonna be able to take elemental pets or you’ll lose oh my god in fact that’s a thing he respawn I’m not gonna be able to get this as right I can’t I can’t it’s not gonna happen you Zelly pets okay let’s forfeit real quick Ellie pets what does that even mean I don’t know anything about pet battles whoa hey big guy yeah don’t know anything about pet battles so use Ellie pets okay so but I already had Ashton let’s try drafty fucking that boy this boy let’s try this I guess I don’t okay just trying to get some azurite dude do some Pokemon battles it’s so funny that they have this in hey thank you for the $20 lever stream a queue was a good work green moss first route for that thank you bro thanks my dude am I could have able to do that to do this I don’t think I am so I’ll kill it now and then it’s gonna respawn and that’s gonna hit me and then I’m gonna die next time it hits me and listen eight over 41 right now no so I’m gonna die let’s see Ike’s for me Doug snap Lasher sure dude get out there boy nice good hits good hits

I see potential here there’s a chance I win this Pokemon battle what’s your level 346 oh you see those let’s go snap Lasher this pet owns oh my god they all respawn Oh throw my pet owns my pet oh this is the best pet of the game let’s go snap lash let’s go bring your next pet two hits three it’s three it’s oh wait he didn’t attack oh hell yeah Oh what’s up what’s up what you got got nothing I don’t care if you respond yeah let’s go I won I won I’m the best fuck it stupid game do you think troll mage is good trolls the best fuckin PvP or PvE spec in the game right there spec I’m sorry race am I saying okay isn’t sure all the best PvE races dunamis up again 14k views bro we’re farming let’s good views class is over audios back what’s that be rich can you explain which is better wrists are moving there you just fucking there you just go dude there’s no better whatever you used to that’s all there’s no god like like fucking secret to playing shooting games man you literally just play them and you play them for a long time and hey you play them for a long time you’re gonna be better at them you know then you started that’s cock does this mean we are friends now brother man bill I answered your donation last time and I said yes absolutely we are that’s totally how that works three hundred dollars friends duh hundred percent what’s the key behind us coming to take a piss hold tab it is a day for flying yes okay so we are 3.4 K artifact powered a little 18 that means if I do my expeditions boys will be 18 the grind will be done Wow severe dishonor bound holy shit exalt then I get mag hogs I really want to make her honestly I want to make my mage the mag hard work just for fun for whatever reason just to fuck around alright so I guess we’ll just do heroics because apparently ropes is it’s much better you’d 75 less artifact power but you could do it much faster or something some shit so should we just do it with this team this is a fine team a shaman a mage and a warrior you think are gonna be okay just us three over here I think we should be fine dude that was everything’s going by fast this quick man everything’s quick have you got your helmet yes yeah I got it yesterday I got this tell me yesterday feels good man so like my item level is 346 right now there’s a chance that goes to 347 if I get two more items here I highly doubt it highly doubt it but um I could do all my ethics because I only did two so I could do all I’m ethics I only have today and tomorrow to do them but all I’m really hoping for for upgrades is a Titan Forge Brock that’s really it I’m hoping for titan-forged Brock’s that’s the only way

I will actually truly get item level upgrades I could get stat priority upgrades stat priority upgrades is find is that a transmog helmet no it’s just it’s this helmet literally oh you guys let’s see do you guys want to try it do you guys want to try what the fuck how did I do that do you guys try Island wow that means so much to me thanks I love when that guy says fucking Wow okay we’re gonna just try we’re just gonna try some heroic expeditions cuz I need to do it and then I’ll get my heart level 18 Wow this shit’s boring it’s well honestly no this shit isn’t boring as hell this is probably my favorite part of this expansion doing expeditions straight up so apparently you could get a demolisher if you guys have the doubloons and if you guys have doubloons can you just fuck it by the demolisher in justone real quick there’s some major water if you need it this is my favorite part of the expansion straight up I think this expeditions shit was genius straight up genius Wow I’m out of range Wow khalakka the Jazz buiid alright so this group is not mr. this group is not ideal for her we could literally could it we should have killed that pack almost immediately wow wow wow wow can you teach me the ways of getting a fat polish cock we need a better group this group isn’t good enough I’m sorry no hate no wait dude that pack should have died almost immediately I don’t have that much HP 300k owing all 300k would have been fucking easy-peasy we do have this demolisher though which is nice – feels nice man are you healing maybe maybe let’s Robins healing that’s why I might have to relax on these fools Wow thank you for the dough nose else monk appreciate it man I miss you nubs gee what’s going on what do you mean you missed me I’m gonna play tomorrow a little bit we’ll see a puppet he’s not as much fun as it as it was I’m just been playing it too much you know too much Pub G no bueno we’re pulling us off I want to pull this one too that demolish our own holy shit you did so much damage that demolisher doesn’t even matter what fucking copy you have use use the molosser and you just own what this shit doesn’t sane oh god this might be a little bit of a crazy boy fool where the fuck what oh it’s the old oh god it’s the NBC Alliance dude a pop lust for the boys before I went down I was like what the fuck who are these dudes I forgot that there’s the seal oh shit yeah that the malt roads though he was doing like fucking 60k damage as that demolisher Stowe Oh mr. Crabb Frankie helps wait how do I help you I don’t know how do I help this guy Clint ID Frank can we help him how thing we could do I think that gives you a little bit of a boost II isn’t it not album Helia bro thanks for the my mg your fat cock I’m gonna print them out and hang them above my pillow oh oh do we help with a key what’s this key for we need the anti-venom to save him okay well I got a key in an early nose four key obtained oh we did it the fuck alright I guess no dude don’t let him do it crosswalk me bro fucking bitch hmm so these cops that they have the NPC cops are random right there straight random they’re cops can you double up double up on this if you right-click it nothing you do well the pets gathering oh that’s not a pet I thought those a pet dude put the pets gather again that’s insane we have no more nice I was the stupid why am

I doing this this is literally of the Alliance boats right here that’s all right we’re fine everything’s fine let’s trick it out it’s cool down as solo for how good of a trinket it is one minute 30 cooldown ain’t shit I think we could finish right here gave me my name is shit how do we help these guys we help these guys I want to help them just kill this thing real quick we not help those soft it feels bad man how we’re done look at okay that is it I just wanted to make it an even 400 thanks for tolerating with my shit Lal thank you l smoke for 35 I appreciate it we’re chilling maybe we chilling I want to try something okay just to speed this up a little bit I want to see if we can get another heavy AOE cuz I don’t think of shamans a wheeze too sick mister shaman alright I know you’re single targets in saying I’ve seen it but I mean we could just keep doing it doesn’t take that fucking long that’s quick I need to do so what I need to do and I’ll be done is once this kit kat gets capped at 40k so right now we got 8.8 oh he just left I felt bad goddamnit so who should I invite it’s guys look at you bunch of achievements huh 3:43 shadow please cleave good god gamer what is it the shadow shadow priest even good this patch so funny so good it’s okay I know my areas ass but you’ll never beat me on single target I was like I wouldn’t say never should change his old time ah fucking what invite this dude I guess wait why can’t I invite him what I guess I’ll try this dude okay it’s easier regardless we did it with the one thing I hate about this game honestly is like how butthurt people get and how serious they are when it comes to damage like it matters like every class is different and they’re constantly being changed at all times and one item can drastically change your DPS by so much so if you don’t have your perfect best and slots of course you’re not gonna do as much as the next guy right the only thing you could compare it to is the same class you know if you compared to the same class and he has the same gear and you’re doing a lot less damage than that same class the same gear okay you’re doing something wrong but in this game fucking so many people like compare all this damage to each other’s what’s the point bro every class is fucking different just do the best that you can and as long as it’s not straight trash who cares you know you might be missing your best and slots or whatever your class might have gotten turfed or whatever it might be where are the elites fuck these are these are elites hey relax buddy these aren’t Elise what’s happening wiser no Elise such a fucking liar it would actually be cool if one of these days we can get a couple of games of pop G if no that’s okay just wanted to throw it out there honestly man I’m not gonna say no I’m not gonna say yes all I’m gonna say is you never know okay you never know what’s gonna happen you never fucking know bro what are these fucking wimpy ass holes man where’s the AoE at we got a we got a demo and shit I can’t tell Strout sing something motivational or not I wasn’t saying anything about of ational I was just saying like people people in Lao or very I don’t know I don’t the word I’m looking for is they’re strange though for sure how they cares so much about DPS that just doesn’t matter unless it’s compared to the same class then of course it’s gonna matter but you know you know what’s that oh I didn’t realize we pulled a fucking big boy dude I lost those just in case oh no my loss was on cooldown it wasn’t for the weight why wouldn’t it reset why are you going to an expedition weirds take more money dick hello dick your troll I love it I love it I love it man

I love it there was a refreshing drink to oh you know what I forgot about the gumball buffs and stuff all there’s all these buffs and shit that I forgot like exists in this expedition stuff nice dude look at battle shout oh yeah you guys go that way I’m gonna fucking open this boy whoops miss quick how do I help you old Lee helped do we need a key sorry mr. rogue you’re probably gonna die maybe oh maybe not I can’t how do we help this dude is this where we find a key or something I never understood how to do so of these fake Alliance fake alliance hey shred you should play some OS RS on stream sometimes I did I mean a while ago but I did try his licking my toes he’s licking my toes this is a really shitty island we’re getting really unlucky with everything I’m going up oh wait there’s this dude right here my bad I take everything back I take everything back dude our luck might be better nice orb game nice fucking orb dude getting stuck on a mountain hell yeah hell yeah real sick stupid business you look cooler shit my dude these little tiger cubs coming from Troy no fucking funny Troy is so funny he’s just like he starts licking my feet and I’m like oh he’s look at my feet okay he’s not biting he’s not biting he’s not lighting and then as he’s looking my feet he’s slowly just he slowly just fucking starts biting my pants instead like all right dude okay you were just fucking oh are we done now after this bout after this am i stupid I think I’m stupid we’re good whatever where’s the music Mike that’s a great question I don’t know I’m Leland tiem dude chest over here I’m getting it y’all are mad dammit the supernal ass is back hold on let me open this real quick how you bitch ah not quite and I think does so much damage holy shit no don’t even don’t even bother with them bro don’t even bother popping those for myself actually we do have it we do have a demolish or something no I’m dead it was nice knowing you see it was nice knowing you try to pray this thing is still up Oh perfect good job everybody thanks thanks thanks everybody I was like we’re almost done just finish it double looms I’m gonna get level 18 on my heart finally from this just got to do two more three more three heroics right it’s a total of five heroics to get the 40k weekly three more we went a weird way that’s why it took so long well like I said I don’t know like expeditions that well so if you want to fucking lead the way go right ahead I don’t know these islands at all really cool spyglass this is the fastest way besides the dailies for a piece route yeah full-time while streamer had a good one good joke

I slept sacral stream open in the background I just realized whoa hey do you remember my name from back in the day honestly no I forgot man where are you again hold on I’m bringing a party bringing a party oh my elemental wasn’t out ahead mother fuck why does it despawn its OS I died that’s right it’s okay we got the demo oh I could just jump in this thing I’ve never tried it demolisher finding it wanna shit the vine here hold on one sec I was being a little bit of a but he just wants to play right now he just wants to play you were having trouble with your PC like three years ago and you got like a bunch of us in your mumble server and it ended up being like your motherboard or power supply I forgot I also don’t remember I don’t remember what even happening yesterday so you know yeah I’m Sam see what I’m saying here actually I feel like I kind of do remember that hell’s month maybe possibly thank you first maybe I do for I don’t know dude maybe I remember maybe I don’t let’s kill this guy what kill who whoa wait yeah I’m going huh trout – come get this what am I getting what do you say come get what why is this thing evading die oh you bitch what do you want me to get sir we’re all split up right now don’t watch come on team wait can I jump into a demolisher as well and we could all just use vultures what do they do massive boulder okay fucking speed fire damage fucking boy interesting is that noise who’s laughing can you jump out of the demolisher and jump back in or will it blow up no it’ll go away ah shit I want to collect stuff all right well we’re can I just have to kill everything with our demolishers boy taking damage in the demos you can’t repair him Roger that ten-four captain these demos aren’t even that sick I guess they’re good for you though all right could you pick stuff up in your demolisher like mine stuff like you normally you know sale like you normally would on the graph wow wow wow wow wow some butter all told me to give up in chat how rude dick plastic dick what’s the dick with the rumors of zombies being on the Black Sox for black out where disease think it would be a good rule for them to introduce something new to the PR mode sure why not doesn’t doesn’t bother me I’m fine with whatever dude whatever whatever direction

they want to go with you know never they want to do my my things gonna die i don’t okay i don’t like being this is amol sure it’s just stupid thank you yeah I mean I’m down for zombies I’m down for whatever dude anything extra throw it in there anything extra dude just fucking toss that bitch in we’re not done dammit Troi don’t do it I’ll fight you I will win all right we’ll get enough we kill these guys god dammit dude fuck this is so much damage we’ve been good to everybody okay how many more do I have to do two more I think extra mayonnaise extra mayonnaise to be are sure ketchup mustard I’ll take whatever man take whatever thank you you still needed so much dude what are you doing I love it almost two hours yeah almost tears almost two hours I got to do two more of these and then I’ll be my heart will be level two fucking eighteen finally I could pick peed my call we could chill and then I could be done with my mage until braids probably I could still get some snap priority items from mythix but I really don’t care that much dear ex you should definitely join the WoW cults when classic comes out I think you’ll enjoy classic I think you’ll enjoy classic way more than I should probably well I’ve been up for 36 hours in probably gonna regret this long yeah probably well you just how much have you I need to see that in a sandwich should’ve given them $650 yeah yeah yep okay there’s a good chance that you will regret it I mean if you’re saying that now that you might then yeah there’s there’s a chance that you might regret it thank you bro for the donation I hope you don’t regret it because that I’d feel bad but that’s not really my fault but I’d still feel bad you know I mean here do we still have the demo up oh no our demo died do you guys have any more demos or are we are we in a bit of a pickle that I’m pulling all this I’ll jump into the demo if I have to now we’re fine I’m just cutting it the beauty of a frost mage omegle oh just kite four days sike I don’t regret shit ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha good night everyone dad oh okay we’re gonna need your demo here oh this is gonna be a fucking we thought last poll was big this is about to be a big boy hold on I need to need to just sit right here okay perfect perfect perfect exactly what I wanted exactly what

I wanted yep exactly what I wanted fine everything’s fine nope everything’s NOT fine he spits a lot of juices that’s okay we got a demo demos gonna kill it all thanks demo I’ll use mine after we could just keep cycling through the demos also now my water elemental spawns with me okay game I hate by the way I hate that Wow has decided to remove fullscreen from their game it is a nightmare it makes me so bad because one your game doesn’t run is good you always want to play games fullscreen so right there your game doesn’t run that’s good too you can click off your screen and it’s the most annoying thing ever that’s about it it’s all I got hydraulics brother everything’s gonna be okay brother man I’m here for you these things spitting not cool yeah we pulled a lot dude that was a big dick fucking pull and I am down these things hurt a lot oh my I’m dead okay all right looks like fucking suck dude spit at you 24/7 there’s a setting that makes your mouth stay in the window okay is there a setting to just make it fullscreen so I don’t have to have a setting that makes it stay in the window what is this shit man they’re not doing something revolutionary by not giving fullscreen as an option you know I don’t know how Blizzard was thinking any sense they’re not doing some next-gen fucking shit but they’re actually going behind in times by not letting people fucking fullscreen doesn’t make any sense just it’s a just habit it’s been there for years then you just remove it for just no reason I don’t know I’m fucking there taking steps back and I don’t understand why fucking weird was this I’d wait for this guy do we wanna for you why should have got into my demolisher what am i doing there’s a big dude over here now we can go kill I pulled a lot sorry sorry that happened oh dude get off me get off me it’s not throats like a darts Oh our boys died that make sense why am

I not using my demo my doing wrecking this one’s so hard some reason these expeditions are weird because they like they just random some are harder than others they’re never like consistent because there’s like different islands and on top of that the spawns are a little different sometimes weird I mean it’s no no you got to make sure random but don’t fucking do it I’ll punch you in the face dawg I will punch you in your face I won’t actually do that I would never anybody hey buddy what you doing over here get out from under my desk Troy get out get out out Oh bite me huh no no Troy No good boy I had such dying and I forgot to charge it fuck I forgot to charge my headset I need to get closer scan some shells I was wondering here I could sneak right in it we’re done we’re done we’re done we’re not done we’re done right out out turn the lights off dude oh shit no no no hey man did you lose a tooth he’s about to lose a tooth I think I blood on my hand so I’m pretty sure he’s about to lose a tooth out there no that’s why here I got you I was wondering why he kept going under my desk he just kept going under my desk I was like dude are you brought the fucking fuck my shit up my cables but he had his little turtle under my desk and it was like deep Oh oh my god oh I really hope you’re not like this when you’re bigger dude you’re gonna fucking take somebody out of a game

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