Minecraft Speedrunner VS 2 Hunters

Minecraft Speedrunner VS 2 Hunters

Minecraft Speedrunner VS 2 Hunters¬†this video I try and speed run and beat minecraft while two hunters try and hunt me down and stop me if they kill me once they win this was insanely scary can I beat the game before I’m hunted down we’re about to find out also only a small percentage of people that watch my videos are actually subscribed so if you end up liking this video consider subscribing it’s free and you can always change your mind if you want to enjoy the video alright you guys ready yeah we check the seed make sure it’s like not a terrible one what what where are you where do I see you this way oh my god you can’t do this to him why sheeter do oh yeah I see him hello dream get him George eat a mug come on attacking you George lag okay we’ll stop we’ll stop just I stop we’re done I see you’ve idly you like like switched me what’s he doing he’s crafting George get him come on oh he’s got a sword he’s gonna throw he hit the ground did he never died he would have died from that what [Laughter]

Oh totally legit strategy took advantage of us I take advantage of anything top what I need would – we’ll go get your own way you don’t have to wait for me to break it for you to get it I’m gonna go get us some food okay so dream got away it’s okay all right we just breath and then slam out I’m out slay him out yes I can oh my god that Dolphins going quick we’re not even in the water anymore here just lying yeah all these dolphins belt dolphin backwards dreaming you looking the Dolphins spell backwards often power yeah take me away Dalton let’s Oh George we need to cook this food please I can’t even sprint yeah I knew but just come over what wait what I just placed a boat and it sank [Laughter] what what come on I’m gonna wait where’s George he’s behind oh why are these strays is so annoying okay give me that oh my god oh my gosh sore just so much George help help help I’m trying come here don’t know about this I don’t know about this my George does he swear go back about the play

George my good stuff yes start all over again oh my god those strays were so annoying I could have gotten away there wasn’t for those meddling strays you just got Stone Age yeah what about it why there’s so many mobs are we on like expert difficulty I’m gonna die to these mobs I’m gonna die I’m gonna die it’s not funny [Laughter] it’s pretty funny I’m gonna be tuna 2v1 house they’re not funny hey keep your eye out for a cave [Music] mmm iron pickaxe yes this cave is amazing which is so much like so many resources it’s so much this caves papi one everything is diamonds as ions like dude I got this open up this chest and I encourage anyone whoa I just found an exit would you up here dude I just I see light what so let’s just quickly get our stuff and then we can go smoking before it gets out okay what one no way you all the biggest noob okay wait the compasses turn around somebody I know they’re right here oh oh okay sign up come over here quickly look

if your postal dream [Music] dude this is the worst nether I can’t even get across these ginormous lava legs will be that to help you through the lobby later don’t worry we’ll bring some boxes top-notch I’m gonna be burning I’m gonna dive in burning eat I’m running I’m running no three moments that yes let’s go oh my god okay Brad and all your loot is burned why are you so quiet wallowing in sugar what how are you here watch out for the water watch out I know I know I know come on I’m gonna get him where is he he’s gone did he go in the nether yeah yeah he’s in the valley oh my god here you wanna go out for sure what do we do really yeah so what you may not know how to slap like you put beds down above we had extra iron are we probably could have killed you just then but you escaped we’re half iron right now I just you guys are being so quiet I was like what are you doing so I just looked up and I looked up your whole house I was just looking up your whole both of you ooh yes oh so wait here you go dream Oh saft a person do we come we do something I can’t find him I can’t track him in the nether oh how do they work the stairs [Music] [Laughter] that was really stupid oh my god you guys are just camping yeah [Music]

[Music] George what are the odds of that happening what of what happening I that was the first time I looked out and you were there sign up he’s right here by the portal okay come on you probably I don’t know he should come through what um sitcom Boy me I don’t know you should come over here you might go and blow away the volume mine I’m not get away from me mine set up so usually go go go go go is he going up he’s going up we got stop him no please leave me alone dream we just want to talk we just want talking here all this stone pickaxe is so bad George what who’s right that oh wait ah wait I got his number I think did you know he’s not right here must be out oh my god tower up tower up I’m towering I’m towering I’m towering let’s go all my blaze rods was too tiring out hey this is a joke that’s your joke if it was like you just place the infinite stone on top of us

I can’t believe I just oh I just ate a rotting flesh instead of my porkchop you’re an idiot I didn’t mean to this is so infuriated us to the end before we can get there with you and then you need to kill the dragon how far did you go dream we’ve been going for ages we found you what oh my god okay track get your compass on I’m locked on him it’s locked out of it I’m not like [Music] three dream yeah where are you all right you where are you Oh dream play stop that oh my god no place on this place what you plays blogs I didn’t place anything for another doorway you use break a block know those dream come on dream oh wait I don’t have food okay come on I’m gonna die I’m gonna die to himself I’m gonna die no George we’re George Kabir [Music] go get a different tree is helping you mind the blocks and you doesn’t houses your bookbag this is in the baggage don’t know where the stupid thing is oh my god this is in the bag actually what hello ooh yes ooh what oh what’s that oh they’re an igloo what’s out there why do you always leave hey George you let me I’m coming I can’t hit him because then is gonna boost him towards you I don’t know that I’m gonna get you plenty of hearts how did he know me with that boyfriend some way from me get away from me yes No get off him oh my god get him get him drone hands it’s on the table jury Adrian go ahead no no well the

skeleton yes get him skeleton kiddo after shooting me oh my god nothing like possibly just hit them off George you went up without my consent he’s gonna be saved your life oh my god if the creeper hadn’t exploded he jumped he jumped do it again Oh God come on Oh No the spire if I kill you do then oh yes you did destroy him I’m destroying him okay I made to the water main to the water oh my god through dolphin yes it’s like no no yes dolphin power he just has a dolphin oh you like I was just destroy how my god is stop using the bow it’s not fair come and dream come on even if I kill Ashe you’re like I look like a bad nearby I can literally smell you yes you’re so let’s just let’s work let’s get up I’m so far away Mikey get up again oh I have arrows but no but I can’t believe they remove that why would they remove snowballs do you mean drop the bar hey what’d I miss you’re so bad just watch this you’ll see something smart oh he’s running what come on just keep attacking just keep attacking we literally fought all night I’m ugly I’ve used so many much resources you’re dead oh my god don’t see it don’t see her where is he if he gets the bed we are a she’s so dead don’t let him get the bed I don’t even know where it is I thought

I was gonna thinking for a wild goose chases our dolphin around here for a while dolphin chase please why are you so far where’s the bed actually on the edge so far away from the bedroom never gonna find it he was shifting on the edge here but if he finds out his so done sad not George I told let him find the bed I’m right on him oh my god wait George sign up we need to find another bed you know Oh George one I don’t know what to do this run just running there’s not gonna be any sheet pan we can figure it out what’s like a dead fire there’s nothing here we can’t die that’s it just don’t die George one I’m not what do we do no just Ryne there I need you need a bed somehow we need a bed set map no I need a sheep he’s go to bed you can just drop the bed hog I’ll let you kill me no [Music] take him off me now George I have iron you have nothing [Music] okay George Oh [Music] let’s go oh my god oh my god that fight that fight lasted what time is it now midday dream George we have to get all that iron and all that stuff back he found the beds we should have hidden it I just never thought he would find it because it’s like it blends it with the snow yeah you guys I have to get so much iron thank you for reminding us salty well well well what I just found something that I the trading look I don’t like that oh he’s gonna get all the end of our go soon we gotta go soon okay just finish up the smell okay I said I’m we gotta go quick cuz I think he’s kind of far away you have to get going but if he goes through we we can hear when he opens the portal here we go guys I can’t leave I’m actually gonna win this you’re not gonna win you’re living how am I not gonna win this I’ve killed you so many times because we’re gonna come kill you right now good Luck’s gonna run out eventually Oh Jack I’m tracking track him track him dig track him got him okay we’ll

know when he goes through so here the achievement there he is dragon so aggro getting fireball oh my god this dragons shot so many fireballs that Marigny will become net how many left yes oh my god this dragon I thought you – I found it oh you’re in yes are you in already hello dream [Music] hey you seen the dragon I’m gonna win oh he’s tearing up over there get home it’s one of them always seen together more wake up the last one don’t miss one hey Sam he used drug lapis Dora Thank You Georgie I just tried his water bucket up here yes go get him no he’s got a bow he’s got a bow yes George Oh get him get him yes oh no he’s going for the dragon again wait where is it easy on the pillow we must have Fitness in your dragon what oh my god the enemy almost here yes die die die no no I’m still alone oh my god Odie’s and chasing him oh my god where are you guys over here over here uh I see you I see you okay see I’m on these animal just destroy me is he up there George stop oh my god oh let me give I have three more Oh this endermans on me come on oh my god come on come on this is he’s down please just leave me alone why would we leave you alone silly boy this Entenmann’s automate why the Entenmann’s hate me stop early to me I’m why what come on this this so many Andaman oh my god oh why are there so many Andaman he’s jumped out come on come on no yes come on George I’m gonna load him up your head ma I’m trying what are you doing it lying yes okay I brought the water yes my dream yes my dream whisper bad yeah what’s George maybe go pull again right now I got it hey what let’s go visiting nothing we can do I don’t even know where the stronghold is we called even we can track it they [Music] [Music]

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