Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied

Minecraft, But Item

Minecraft, But Item I could have been ender eyes that would have been such an epic ending this video we coded it ourselves so that random items drop when you break a block but there’s a couple twists from the norm one it’s actually completely random so some items may be removed from the game whereas some items may be in the game multiple times to the number of items the block drops is random so we can drop one or it can drop one million and crash our games or anywhere in between can we beat the game on minecraft 1.14 we struggled for hours to find out trust me it’s worth it to stick around for the result also I put a lot of work in Noyd videos and only about 16% of the people that watch my videos are actually subscribed so if you just realize you’re not actually subscribed or you end up liking this video or you forgot to subscribe please subscribe you can always unsubscribe it’s completely free enjoy the video okay so let’s go oh my god that was unlucky lucky so much snow oh my god would so many I can make clinic oh I want to make I want to make a pick an axe because that’s useful for everything else there’s some make a shovel too why not and a sword

I want to see what Stone drops oh wait yeah oh my god I’m writing a tree oh there’s a ship over there there’s a ship over there I’m writing a tree though the levers okay oh let us wrap Pablo we’re Kabul this job I got ghost oh no stop gold oh oh no wait wait we’re set oh I got vines I don’t want that I got uncraft will tip arrows Oh what happened George what’s wrong with you keep doing that guys I got it game over let’s drop it really what is it never golden rules I got beat Lucy’s per se traveltura san how much iron should I give me complete character see and a pic yeah yeah make an iron block what if they drop some diamonds apples we know that’s be rude yes the horse wait why want to drops ooh Tata Oh guys – dark drops what is that clay oh it’s great dog would eat tools I just keep dropping I just do I’m so confused it’s made this is Oh why it’s new we break the iron real please what is that rabbit rabbit box baby the bed bag drops it’s beautiful break

it Oh what is that string we need them for bows though so we can get some string and we can take wool out of it too which already break well I might already break cool drops we might as well get them for like golden apples old inapposite because what birch wood drops birch log no way oh this drops what does that drop cobweb ott blogs you make anything out of netherrack what are the skeleton drop did you find out uh like clay and levers those drop be trees why is everything to a Petri oh my god what does the spider drop the spider dropped something I don’t know I don’t know to drop though oh my gosh this spider haunted I mean this skeleton but what would be calling skeletons spiders table oh my god you gotta be kidding me he’s dead now we’re both here George we need terrible this is terrible guys why don’t we try and break like we haven’t tried like crafting the different things like look in here we work in a chest I’m breaking the chest whoo

I got sandstone these stupid skeleton Ganymede cuts and stone help me I’m gonna try to make a sword hey guys guys you won’t believe I got any food how do we get food what’s the food thing oh it’s the flower it’s the flower where’s the flower your dream take one of these I’m dying weird you ate them from me a totem upon dying why did they drop beetroot this is there’s so much there’s so many toes and I I’m lagging so bad get away from them get away from them or with something else right you okay is your mind okay we’re all just dead its back its back we’re good we’re good useless everything’s useless I got wither skeleton heads oh no way no I’m not telling you but what are these breaking this wood no way break it oh paper where are you where are you where you I [Laughter] got scaffolding like that Opie thing coordinates just make it myself all right you already told me what it is I don’t need you dude okay where you are so I can come I need to come 360 with negative 130 and I’m sitting still once you find the one item that drops what you want it’s just like yeah up on the hill with no armor look at those that’s sure we need to go to venturing we need to do something I’m tired of standing here oh my god lagging oh we have a mind uncle would we have a mind um I got a bunch of it we’ve got gold ingots give me cold apples oh my gosh cactus beat white it’s not be rude spider eyes

we’re like central sin sin steak once again Pinsky fish we already to the fence dinner way yep make a door ganks trap door oh ma see these stone bricks breaking mossy stone drops what other stuff you make out of wood a wooden impression play a pressure plate whoo there’s different ones for everyone – I didn’t know that lies how do you put it on your chest plate let’s go I’m dying what the hell yeah but how’s it work yes okay so that was from what was that from a jungle thing oh my gosh the spiders it is a fighter skeleton the skeleton what’s wrong with me all right guys I think we need just go I don’t know but I’m sure I’m trying to figure it out we’re breaking we’re going through all this stuff yeah I made one useless you stick us we’ll just don’t break a lone drop torch hisses hey should we just tie her up and fly somewhere and look yeah what if I just don’t find I just fought let’s just stop here just stop there be mine George come this way dude you guys go the same way what the heck is that Oh George ooh potions oh there’s just so much stuff everywhere Oh guys it’s a ravine over here fly down the ravine boys oh my god what did you do I died but my undying save me about the creeper block on a block so that’s lucky the creeper dropped down

my hole what are you doing were you mining to find lava oh yeah my 11 yes oh my gosh no I clicked on my lava bucket hope you’re not burning oh my god slow annoying it’s dropping so minor it so it’s gonna be it yes what is that no it’s stone my getting so excited about soon what can we make with stone oh yeah you can make stone brick yeah just making stone brick and he makes stone brick stairs don’t break it yeah whole whole hoopla alright slab where else can you make with stone brick slabs and what else try yes let’s do it give me the diamond oh my god yes it was we could have gone that for the beginning we had stone so early all right you place it down block did you do anything wait what is that it’s eggs we need to find diamond or we need to find diamond ore and lava oh my god oh my god there’s just so many unlucky there’s so many logs I’m frozen lapis oh really try lava dude okay everything’s set I mean alright we go back to our regular scheduled program okay interesting gold horse armor emeralds Oh emerald that’s decently useful I guess right block make anymore blog okay you have enough do not ingots you only nine of them I mean I have enough like for myself to feel happy dude stop we just all walked in unison Syme gonna replay that

I was crazy I was actually like I feel like that may be watching you won’t be but I was like insane one time we’re just gonna break something in revell eyes of ender [Music] [Music] [Laughter] what’s where’d you guys go it’s so cool how’d you catch me up because the fastest F way what happened why wasn’t flying for a second I was scared there can be swamp villages Riley’s I know are you going so fast you just like destroyed me hey don’t leave me this time I’m jumping in like five seconds I’m only after we have George though because George is done we come together I just said we could go a different way with George than George and you’re like shooting me wait we can do the lava we can make obsidian we don’t have to go to the nether yeah but we should because we need to find what if we what if there’s no villagers we should just go there’s villagers I mean literally here talking to them I know I found a village just in the Spruce I found a village yeah this oh you’re there oh I see you I’m coming in I’m flying in the villages here yes we’re okay it’s a fine fine one of the villager dudes I got blue terracotta from what no way I have an unlimited amount of obsidian come here oh let’s make like a really fat obsidian portal who drops emeralds okay we have to do it like this here put the lava like them alone yeah I just oh where did it light from where did it light from I don’t know but through what a pigment drop well you know don’t try that where there’s a spawner your visit what what the heck we spawn right in the nether for like write my name in for just again and we’re looking a random place how lucky kill the blaze ooh what the heck cookies from an another brick fence ow way no

I shouldn’t have jumped I shouldn’t have jumped where do I go [Music] these are stairs gasps they drop wool I got a flint and steel oh well now I’m the chest in the fortress Hydra the wart drops right where’s the chest over here I don’t drop sand huh Jordy get magma cubes to try them there’s a dream oh that’s right we haven’t found any pearls or or anything like or anything yeah I mind quartz I said I mind it dad your dad why are they after me okay we gotta get out of here um should we do we get everything you’ll be killing gassed the gas is the key to everything no no no we need to kill the gas we have to George oh here one okay where is it oh it’s right there oh my god don’t either but you know what I’m doing it’s not guys oh my god the pool bear is still mad at me [Music] undying God I would be like that everyone were to clip to that for the rest of their life me flying after this guy’s was epic what am i doing this like a craft recipe help thing yeah you didn’t know that I did wait guys I found another village I found a different village oh my god oh my god button I got like the million steak or whatever this is wait

I heard something alright oh oh oh the Clarkie oh is this him it’s a cleric the cleric how do you trade with him we need to give them giving emeralds you’ll level them up no no no don’t rake the bruising I think I’m sure he needs it to be a clergy or cleric whatever what are you saying a cleric what I’m doing is real quick I’m gonna make the redstone block and break it I wanna see drops what flowers wait roses we haven’t what’s that nothing really oh he does he does I’m here oh we need blaze stuff now but I did get ender pearls I got some interpro we’re so we’re so close we have you don’t have a lot more emeralds boys getting work well we all know how it’s the stone slab I think but I don’t know how we got wait wasn’t it redstone that drop stone I thought it was I thought it was wood slabs then you said no it’s not so that’s why I’m not checking those but maybe it is I thought it was Jordan do you guys have dark wood at all I did here make dark wood slabs and stairs oh it was yes I knew it was like nothing else to get like we’ve tried everything I’m sure we haven’t but oh he’s a clergy now what is a clergy yeah Duke my god I’m gonna drown I’m gonna drown save me I can’t I’m frozen I’m gonna die I’m on a half a heart what a weird schools drop wait what’s that we didn’t try that one have we oh you know we haven’t place it break it place it breaks marine imagine this is a no wait Tolson we can make

it wither what skill the withering ready I’m smart let’s try it let’s try it let’s go you know how Bo’s we should impose for now are we gonna kill it we don’t oppose they stuck underwater yes he chopped ender pearls you know I mean it’s still useful but I took so many is it lagging yeah it’s like really like if I don’t write probably be dead I’m I’m gonna get you down it could have been under eyes that would have been such an epic ending imagine it was either bandit that would have been so epic it wouldn’t have even been rigged like that would have been the best thing ever what are other blocks we can build you have to have other blocks we can build it’s also possible that nothing drops out I’m training science I’m trying to sign oh I got it I got it yes it was a sign it was a case of sign I swear to God look oh my god let’s go so many boos no we have so many can’t believe you as he found it that was God that it was somebody literally in my last attempt I was like oh I just haven’t me this think it later I was like dream can we just quit and you’re like no fine place place place where’s my axe I cause it’s different signs for different things for one you do it you have to do acacia oh my god occasions applications if you manage to find it we’re wolf string anyone remember [Music] okay we need stupid story will drop string [Music] what’s wrong where is this dream oh yeah that’s ring I got some nice epic wears right here wait is it right here it just leave stopped yeah I’m just gonna swim no I place that no you actually look at your place I looked over to see that he’s getting my boat room not you got your boards of boards oh how far away is this place it’s really far oh my god dream I see you get in my boat

I’ll beat you okay fine you said that last time that I whizzed by you okay if I wasn’t ready that time go ahead son okay give me no head start Marty over you already passed you know I’m telling you I did I found it I’m their girlie this is gonna be annoying take to the side to the side so I can jump down it’s not to the side torches let’s find out what this drops front of this wraps Oh drop school blocks boy drop stuff will drop diamond stone buttons drops diamonds how did we not find that easier what’s the bookshelf do it’s tridents yeah dude we’re so happy now at this point that’s why we’re unbeatable okay let’s go we gotta win now we got there yeah oh my like she fell oh my god I lived I lived I live because of my Lytro ipoed oh my god let’s do it that’s not funny I’m on one horns a token minecraft tokens okay come on this destroy this stupid dragon and we can end this let’s go oh I hit him with the trade oh no it didn’t it doesn’t work protect oh you’re up you’re up I’m kidding I come on Mia win now okay dreams is flying around come on kill it kill it how far do teepees water cpu’s water I wanna hurt I died I’m gonna die again with no toto come here come here three oh my god a legend and I live barely how are we gonna lose this oh I’m gonna die again [Applause] okay we got this we got okay all right killing my kill it please George come here come here come here George come here I some before you know well here take the God Apple take the gun out okay give it to me I’m gonna try anything right now fine I miss oh my god please I’m actually gonna diet to the independent about trains I’m killing it to me they won’t subscribe to

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