GETTING BACK TO FORTNITE that’s all good it’s all good they’re probably they’re probably just big fans and i hope they have really i think i’m thinking of like hard of irobot right now with this game very irobot oh 100 wait do i have that one i don’t know ben do you she was streaming the other day and i came in and dropped my resub and just typed all caps jess and i almost got she yelled it and then stopped for a second because your dogs were sleeping behind her she’s like i want to wake them up yeah man they can get like really it’s so funny man like when jess starts to stream or when jess he’s doing something that isn’t like napping they they’re just like they’re just so awake like they’re she’s pack later dude yeah that’s what they’re like they’re like mama’s doing stuff we gotta do stuff yeah we’re all doing stuff now oh dude here by the way we’re dead no no no no no no no no wait

i just got hit by a car and i’m at three ah what dude he just killed his teammate or someone he’s trying to curb saw me man ben revive me please huh i got you baby girl so don’t you let’s just say that don’t worry he got very good usage out of the the test dummy homie you got ran over did it because like i’m a test dummy and that guy ran me over and look how good i am okay i was gonna start booming over here is that like the safety of the car chat is that like a good thing like the car is really good and safe or is that like a very safe car or am i am i just that good of a test on me the test summit didn’t die at all perfect which one is it uh you go find out i’m gonna hide in this building like a like a little wit a little sissy and and uh you let me know you go talk to him directly i’ll i’ll wait let me know what they say dude i got you i got you wait wait are we getting trolled like yeah they literally just go through here uh blue arp they literally just go through and touch

all the vehicles and then you can’t get in them well fortnight it looks like we have found ourselves what we like to call a a exploit normally says exploit clever use of game should be like i do want to point up that out tyler look at this you see this look at this oh man what am i looking at over over here over here through the truck through the truck through the truck right right right here do you see this you see a smoke coming out from the hood of this car tyler look look a little bit of body damage you know what’s lucky about that oh my gosh what even though you smacked it is this car right here tyler’s insured by state farm so they’re gonna get this thing fixed up right you know okay wait wait i mean right i mean right this thing will be fixed up in no time right uh you know what honestly uh i’m gonna have to the box this little guy up and uh yeah we’ll get back to you in three to four weeks oh oh oh that’s on the mechanic dude that you know gonna let you know that you’re oh sorry i know it hasn’t been three or four weeks ago we’ve actually just realized that your claim is denied oh wait are you telling me that me smacking it with with a giant uh keg on a stick uh is not covered by that correct that is not my insurance no but unfortunately you are still gonna have to pay the deductible and the full does not actually go towards your deductible so you basically have to take a deductible twice okay okay yep and under the third bylaw [Music]

what is that oh my god let’s go dude oh [Applause] jesus dude i’m actually getting flashbacks yeah [Music] how do i refuel this thing how’s it going what is happening do you think these things can swim i i i don’t i don’t but i do want to kill why is this the greatest thing ever 31 white that guy’s really weak there’s another player here the guy boxing okay no oh he’s one shot in the box dude there you go there you go there you go i am i am his father i am his father you are the father congratulations that worked out crazy i would never would have tried that get him get him let’s go you’ve traded your entire life for this moment all right everything leads up to this if you fail this millions will be let down you have 100 million viewers right now that will be okay are you you’re i have 100 million viewers oh my god guys click on that purple rectangular subscribe don’t look at the number just believe me blindly all right now i need you to shoot this guy in the forehead all right he almost just died your attack shots you can’t you just tried to kill him with a gas can what is happening [Applause]

these kids are all punching the air now i love how these are bots and i love that i’m on them and i love that okay you know i have i have i’ve been i’m gonna be honest with you i think some of those were little billies yeah you know those guys are real people yeah everyone is real and don’t you so don’t you try to make me think otherwise man it’s it’s hey hey hey it’s okay we all the real human players i’m really good at this game still can we get some cac w’s in chat if ninja’s still really great at four dollars he’s not bad now you wouldn’t get you wouldn’t ask for kws no you’d ask for like some like some some papers or like w dude we’re all laughing because we’re having fun we’re not laughing at you we’re laughing with you i hate you so man you’re so right chad wow wowies dude wow tyler’s so good there are a lot of kw so i’m assuming that i’m i’m good at this game so how high up for these guys he’s weak in the driver’s seat weak in the driver’s seat okay i can’t get out of this window there we go there’s more back behind us still by the way coming from the south one more dude back here okay yeah

i just repeat that like a dummy this kid sitting on top of the rocks just a three big pot oh no man i’m one hit i’m dead [Music] [Music] you got one more over here on me just finishing me he’s kind of weak not perfect he’s not great he’s doing all right i did knock a dude over there so i think that’s his teammate yeah they’re yeah they’re trash they’re dude controller player i forgot about the whole controller thing oh [Applause] dang i come into the chat and look who’s down all right all right kid all right i do yeah you might be probably 40 but you uh you were shooting that guy and now you’re getting shot oh oh typical lupo stream knocked already keck w i hate it man dude jesus i hate it here luke’s got two kills tyler has eleven just like the old days okay no that’s not yeah go on chat all right you lift on me all you want but you know 12 or 13 more times and i might finally do something so you take 13 years off of me that’s 20. let’s say they’re you

know their kid has a kid at 13 right so that’s seven you realize that i could be old enough to be someone’s grandparent in this game right oh my god man didn’t yeah wow why did i even go down that path what oh my god i mean the fact i mean you know yo can you go to buy station get me back uh 4 500 just go to bicycle just go to my wait although let me just go to a buy station quick get you back now back in the pub g days when you’d be streaming and i and i mean even for tonight you’d be live and it’d be like my day off or i got off already i’ll jump in your chat and when you step away i just tell chad to type low until you got back and confuse you jack you type lull until tyler wins this game all right that’s rude okay dude you got annihilated up there i think he was confused as to how to play the game 1v1 situation ladies and gentlemen ninja in the fight for his life his first stream back on twitch in over a year and he’s attempting to hold the wall from a little billy he gets the ramp in little billy inside the box man i’m so annoyed that’s tough he was just he was holding the button on that look he’s cranking dude his 90s his 90s are sick man they’re they’re cracked i will say he did hit a nasty shot at me while i was in the middle of that fight it ripped all my shield and health off what you wanted flying in the air yeah this is a hunting rifle god you

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