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 Dragon Quest Games

Dragon Quest Games Welcome back everyone, with Dragon Quest XI worldwide release getting closer every day, I thought I’d put together a ranking of every mainline entry in the series, so for today’s video we are looking at every Dragon Quest game from worst to best. Also, this list only covers numbered titles, so the many DQ spinoffs out there will not be included. Transition The first Dragon Quest is also the interestingly the worst Dragon Quest. Don’t get me wrong, I actually do like the game quite a bit and its innovation cannot be understated.It doesn’t hold your hand even a step of the way and overall the game is extremely experimental in nature, with a lot of tedious elements being present including only one save point being present in the game world and a seriously clunky menu system. Thankfully, the developers behind the game know how to learn from their mistakes, so the franchise only improves from here. The next game is probably the strangest entry on the list for a number of reasons.

I had to jump through a few hoops to play it including getting a little program that automatically translates the Japanese text to English and let me tell you, I am a bit skeptical on how accurate this is.In DQX you do loot quests, raids with friends and there’s even a bit of story to the game. I’m ranking it low because it is just so different than the main games and I probably only enjoyed it more than DQI, but for an MMO it is quite good and if it ever comes out in English, I would definitely get a membership. Dragon Quest VI. It’s a game that took forever to make its way to the west. Originally a Super Famicom game, it got its English Nintendo DS remake over fifteen years later improving the game in many ways. among the fanbase. There’s just nothing overly remarkable about it, the story is just decent, the party members actually feel a bit flat with less companion dialogue than DQV had and it content filled world with more variety in equipment and multiple party members.

The game is a great sequel that really paves the way for the series. Dragon Quest III is an iconic classic.The game features a day and night cycle, the new class system which gives players thousands of possible combinations and it introduces a new party system which allows the player to name and create multiple characters with different classes that come with their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s a revolutionary game that serves as the refinement of the series and it truly feels like a role playing adventure, with players really needing to think about every choice they make going forward. This strong focus on the narrative helps bring the world to life and the game still retains much of the investigative gameplay that the series is known for. The GameBoy Color remake makes the original NES classic even better.

This is one GameBoy game that should not be missed. Dragon Quest IX. This is the only game on the entire list that is available exclusively on only one system, the Nintendo DS and it is the last Dragon Quest game developed by Level-5 .It features full animated cutscenes, 3D graphics and a massive world.the clothes they wear.

with interesting personalities that talk to you whenever you want to. Regardless of this, the game overall is extremely good, featuring an epic story, soundtrack, and even multiplayer options. It really showed off what the DS was capable of and will prove as a good reason to go back to the system. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. It’s not just a name, the game is split up into chapters.You play as these different characters and learn their story, gradually leading up to everyone meeting up to defeat the evil Psaro the Manslayer. The game extremely cool because of the way it builds up the various characters you eventually meet and at times feels like multiple games in one. There’s tons of party members too and they all have unique abilities, making for a diverse lineup.

Earlier I said the game was incomplete on the DS. I really meant the localization was incomplete. situation you are in, really making them feel like people. you won’t be able to even talk to them, however luckily the mobile port completed the game and gives us all of this party chat dialogue. It is identical to the DS version in every other way so it is the best version of the game for Westerners. If you have a phone, and yes you do, pick this one up. This is the one everyone knows about. The game’s visuals are timeless.


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