DRAGON QUEST 11 S: 9 Things You Need To Know Before Playing

DRAGON QUEST 11 S: 9 Things You Need To Know Before Playing

DRAGON QUEST 11 S: 9 Things You Need To Know Before Playing while here with nine things you need to know before playing Dragon Quest 11s for the Nintendo switch now the game has finally arrived the very first game announcement in tennis which is here and I’ve been playing a lot of it over ten hours in the last couple weeks and posting a lot of my playthrough on this channel but in this video I just want to talk about nine things you need to know before playing I actually restarted my game because I did not know a couple of these and they made my life a lot easier once I did so number one this is a dragon quest game it is a traditional role-playing game that means that it harkens back to the 1980s and 1990s when video games are a little bit more simpler so don’t expect all these bells and whistles as far as the combat goes but you will be getting voice overs you will get beginning high-definition visuals but as far as gameplay it’s a little bit more simple you just attacking healing using spells and if that’s not your style this may not need

the game for you but if you go in and expecting just straightforward leveling up gaining items doing side quests and is having a lot of fun with the narrative stories with the characters and talking to non playable characters the NPC’s and around the world then you’re gonna have a great time number two trakone ian quests now this is a feature as group of settings that you can only activate before you begin a game once activated you could turn them off while you’re playing then you can’t turn them back on so this is something that you really need to know before you start playing while you’re entering your name at the very start of playing Dragon Quest 11 you start a new file there’ll be a small option to the right I believe and you press the X or Y button I forgot what it says but just follow whatever the on-screen prompt tells you to it will bring up options settings for draconian quests that’s just a fancy term for saying often that will make the game harder one of the options that a lot of people really recommend is turning up the strength of the monsters making the monsters stronger now if you want just a easygoing normal

relax where you don’t really have to grind play through then do not turn these on but if you want something that’s a little bit more difficult a little bit more challenging then by all means turn them on I have two files one with and without the strong monsters and distraught monsters I have to be a lot stronger a lot higher level than I was at any given point in time than in just in the normal mode but it’s a lot of fun because I actually have to think of my strategy and tactics with each battle now if that’s something that sounds interesting to you then when you’re putting in your name make sure to go into that draconian quest settings and turn that one on additionally the draconian quest has a lot of other options that you can tinker with to make the game more difficult or to make the game more strategic to your liking so check that out before you begin because you’re not gonna have an option to do so after you start the playthrough number 3 battle proximity doesn’t matter now this is a little confusing to me because I’m so used to like xenoblade where you have moves like back slash or side slash or you need to relocate your character in order to do the most damage depending upon what side the monster that you’re on now in Dragon Quest 11s they have when you’re in a battle you have a circle and you can freely move around that circle so I was thinking you know what maybe if I repositioned my character behind an enemy

I will do more damage no that is just a way to make the battles seem more dynamic than they actually are and for a while it felt good but there is an option to turn that off if you do not want to take up more time moving your character during the battle because it actually has no effect and you can change that setting to make it to a more traditional turn-based battle system where you don’t even have to worry about the pointless moving of your character number 4 you can run by holding the Zr button now I feel like a doofus think it took me a good seven hours to figure this out visit when you’re on horseback when you get your horse even holds the r to gallop the screen tells you that that means you will be going faster on your horse now I never thought of holding the CR button when I wasn’t on the horse and they’ve probably told me in some sort of tutorial to do it through the game’s really straightforward with telling you what buttons to press I probably miss the prompt to tell me to run but all of a sudden I started holding that Zr button i’m zip around everywhere getting places faster and it almost feels like it’s faster than a horse now don’t take my word for it but it is a faster way to traverse this giant open world that is Dragon Quest 11s so when you’re on foot hold that Zr button down and you’ll start running as fast as you can number five you gain a few experience points by running over enemies with your horse this is something that’s really awesome and I think it’s new to the S version the Nintendo’s push version of this game but if you’re on your horse and you holds the AR you will start going faster like I previously mentioned you’ll be galloping any enemies that you run over while you’re galloping as long as they’re not too strong you will gain experience points for them now it’s just a couple experiments one two three four

I had upwards of five and then there was one monster that was is so stronger than me that thought I would hunt over but then I just encountered it into a regular battle because it was just too strong and I could not just squash it with my horse but one to five experience points that’s nothing to scoff at because if you’re just doing a quick run up and down one of the pathways you can find dozens and dozens of enemies and of course these enemies respawn so think of how quickly you can accrue hundreds of experience points if you’re just mindlessly wandering up and down a pathway I mean that’s actually how I leveled up a few times so do not knock this until you try it because it’s a good way to gather up experience points in a pinch number six the ultra battle speed makes battling and grinding just so much faster I played a good three four maybe five hours out of my ten with just the normal slow speed I wanted to get used of how combat those and how the battle system works but then after I really figured it out it was pretty simplistic I decided to go into the menus and change my battle speed from normal to ultra fast that’s a new setting for the Nintendo switched version and it really makes battling monsters a lot faster

I mean really battles over lieutenant points of an AI and I cannot be any more happier that this actually exists number seven you all have to grind that much on Normal difficulty speaking of grinding you do not have to go and grind my suggestion is fight every monster that you see once along your pathway if you did not turn the draconian quest stronger monsters on that way you will be at just the right level the game wants you to be and you’ll have just the right amount of gold you need in order to buy new equipment any monster you see up and down the pathway the first time fight it if you have to heal and go back to a church and letter go to a bed in a village go and do that and just continue on your pathway you don’t really have to do much grinding wasting time spending hundreds of hours just fighting the same monster over and over unless you really want to in this game now if you’re on the draconian quest and you did turn on these stronger monsters then you can have to do a little bit more grinding but luckily there is the ultra battle speed that I mentioned previously so there’s just a lot of ways to level up whether you want to or you don’t want to so the authors are there just for you number eight bowel tactics now this is something that

I just recently got into around my ninth or 10 hour but I’m figuring it out that battle tactics is something cool to make battle systems go even faster so I already mentioned I had ultra battle speed up making the battle go by in the blink of an eye but also battle tactics is a way to give your characters preset commands and a focus so you won’t even have to put a hit basically any button inputs the main character I always control that character and any other additional party members I have them doing acting wisely so they’re gonna battle and use magic points that figure out the you know the battle for themselves but there came a time when you know what let me do that for my main character so I put my main character back wisely or to just be super aggressive so my main character was to be battling battling battling this is another good way just to have battles automated shortened sped up so you get from battling to gaining experience points and gold and leveling up faster than ever before it’s a great system that you can choose what your characters should focus on whether it’s healing not using magic points battling being more defensive it’s really up to you to choose what each character acts like in the course of a battle so do not skip this feature you can turn them on and off at will in a single battle

I would really recommend you try it figure it made my leveling up and gaining Suites points much quicker and finally number 9 take advantage of the Nintendo switches handheld mode and you have a Nintendo searchlight you don’t have to worry about it because that is handheld pwned this is a great game to do side quests level up gain items traverse the world explore talk to the non playable characters all those kind of side activities on the go whether you’re watching something on Netflix something on YouTube you want to have to leave in the background and you can – Lee run over enemies in order to gain experience points on your horse you can have all the automated crosses like the battle tactics and the ultra speed in order to speed up battles so you can gain experience points while you’re watching a favorite show listen to your favorite podcast going on a walk or what have you really utilize antennae switches handheld mode I cannot say that enough that is how I was able to get a lot stronger quicker while

I was multitasking enjoying two different forms of entertainment once shows and a video game Dragon Quest 11 is meant for handheld play and then when you’re ready put it onto the big screen to enjoy that huge experience because there’s great voice acting there’s great music there’s great visuals everything as I said three times already is great in Dragon Quest 11s for the Nintendo switch well there you have it those are my 9 things you need to know before playing Dragon Quest 11s remember if you want to make the game harder check out the draconian quest settings if you want to make the battles faster you can do that if you don’t want to grind you don’t have to grind if you want to play in handheld mode do that there are so many options available for Dragon Quest 11s and there’s so much content in this game it is mind-boggling this will last you probably 100 hours maybe even more I’m very excited for you I’m very excited to be playing it hey I wish I was cleaning right now but one thing for sure is Dragon Quest 11s is here it’s available and it’s ready to play as always thank you for watching thank you for listen to me ramble and I’ll see you in the next video [Music]

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