Did the Core Combat Update Ruin For Honor?

Did the Core Combat Update Ruin For Honor?

Did the Core Combat Update Ruin For Honor? what’s going on everybody it’s your boy and in this one we are back doing something a little bit different obviously the big thing with for honor recently was the core combat update and the introduction of the new character the warmonger that huge update kind of changed the game from being a reaction based game to a read based game and there has been a lot of things said about this game uh recently a lot of negative things about the patch as well i figured i would give my take on it i feel like i at least have more positives than a lot of people do again that’s just my own opinion as well like there is some good stuff in here like the character design uh some of the content and the matches themselves honestly don’t feel too bad to me but then there is a lot of negatives too you know like what what the hell are some of these damage numbers like why is xiaolin triple light do 15 damage with 36 damn why does a lawbringer light perry top and blockable and delight do less damage than just a normal side heavy why is aramusha playing underwater hello how are you i’m under the water please help me why am i getting tribute orders in 2020 and why won’t warburg stop yelling at me like there’s definitely the fair share of things that could be changed

in here but i’m going to do my best in this video to kind of talk about them quickly because i’ve been rambling too long about i’ve already recorded this a few times and i’ve just been talking way too long i’m going to try to be constructive i’m not going to be shitting on the devs really because i don’t think that’s very productive i think it’s better to kind of assess what’s wrong talk about it and then you know find a way to actually make it better because the devs have seemed to be pretty transparent with us over the years and they will try to you know make changes and uh we can already see that with this new patch that is getting put out on august 13th just you know a day after the the the thing went live they announced the patch which you know you obviously don’t like to see but at the same time it’s it’s nice to see that these changes will be getting made quickly but that’s what i’m going to talk about today again like i said this is just my opinion you guys obviously can have different views on this i’m just going to voice what i think about this current situation because a lot of people have asked me and i’d like to give my take on it so first off i’ll start with the positives right start this on a good happy note and that is the character itself the warmonger

i think it’s a really really good design character the move set is cool i think you know it might be hard pressed to say it but like i think it’s the best designed dlc character since like marching fire maybe even better than some of the wu lin uh the kit is is good but you can definitely counter a lot of the stuff in there as well there’s some slower attacks the dodge attack isn’t overly oppressing uh and but you still have a lot of options while playing the character it’s really really cool the aesthetic of the character is super nice i love the content they came out with that sheep is fucking adorable don’t get me wrong the event battle pass is really really cool and honestly this last thing is probably the biggest thing that people will probably disagree with me on and i honestly think the matches have been more fun since the core com that uh update launched and obviously don’t don’t get me wrong there’s a ton of shit wrong you know like i’m not gonna say that there isn’t i’m not trying to be a yes man or anything but i honestly am having a little bit more fun playing the game because my i myself i consider myself to be a pretty aggressive player i throw out a lot of attacks i get punished for throwing a lot of attacks you know throwing a fucking neutral nature’s wrath doesn’t always work but honestly in my games i’ve pretty much only been playing fours a lot more people are throwing attacks i’m seeing chain combos that

i would have never seen before i’ve seen people just trying to go for a lot of other stuff because you know with this game being now uh read base versus reaction you never know it might hit and i actually think that’s really cool i’m finding that the games are you know being more tense and i’m feeling a little bit more amped when i’m playing and i think that that’s really good you know this game is four years old uh it needed something a little bit to to revive it because honestly uh in my my assessment you know it got a little stale sometimes fighting and everything i think it did need a big change obviously there’s some shit wrong with it which does suck but i do think it’s overall heading in the right direction we just have a little bit of ways to actually get it to that you know really really good point and in addition with that like i don’t think that the stamina changes are like super super bad obviously there’s some stuff that is like absolutely atrocious with stamina like i’ve said before shaolin 36 stamina and a 15 damage attack that is really weird but like the the more stamina for lights i think is a good thing to put on here i i honestly think that that’s good and you’re doing less bash lights in the game because of the stamina changes i think that’s fine i

i like being able to throw more heavies out there and everything and not feeling like as punished if you know if it does get parried or if someone gets a parry and everything uh i think it’s i think there’s some good stuff in there maybe you need to tweak it just slightly maybe maybe lower it to like 10 stamina versus 12. i’m not 100 sure i’m just kind of spitballing stuff but i think that the stamina changes are actually relatively good you have less people option selecting you that’s for sure because a lot of zones are doing like 60 stamina that’s about half of your entire bar so you know what that’s that that’s kind of nice to see but um in general you know i do think that there is some stuff that does need toning down on that but i think it’s the it’s in the right place but again there is some stuff that needs to get changed now we’ll be moving into some of the negatives and i don’t want to be too negative but honestly i think the worst thing about this whole thing is like i felt like the dems maybe tried to do a little bit too much in terms of like their balancing their changes all this stuff that they just like what happened to the testing ground the second phase why didn’t they just fucking drop that sure we would have still probably end some damage values to change in there but like from what

i saw when that was out it was overwhelmingly positive the the amount of people saying like good things about the testing grounds i i don’t know what happened why did why did all these like values change up since then you know the the very old saying if it isn’t broke don’t fix it i mean people were like no one was like ah yeah i’m just really just kind of hating everything about that that wasn’t the overwhelming response people were like this is pretty freaking cool and i i thought that as well so i was very surprised to see so many changes since the the testing grounds where i thought we were supposed to kind of give our feedback on if we liked it or not that’s why the we had the first one so we could give them feedback and then they did the second one and we were like oh yeah this is getting a lot better so i’m very very confused about that that is probably the most disappointing thing about the actual core combat update is that they kind of just everything seems random now it’s kind of strange and obviously the biggest thing with this is the damage values so they wanna obviously at least i thought they wanted us to you know have attacks do less damage because they’re going to be faster from hiding the first 100 ms of the indicator so i figured okay yeah

the tacks are probably going to be doing less damage across the board that makes sense but then like why does someone like centurion now have 40 damage unblockables why does you know a a light parry on lb where you do an unblockable and a light do damage than just a normal raw side heavy very very strange like kensei i don’t know why he got increased damage on his guard break and heavy chains and everything in his unblockable only got a one damage reduction being like one of the highest damaging attacks in the game i i’m very very confused so i think if you you know i wanted the attacks to be you know lower damage but you got to do it i think more so across the board than you know raising some lowering some i think that kind of defeats the purpose a little bit uh you know obviously there’s plenty and plenty of things that you can discuss with the damage numbers and everything uh and i i agree there is a lot of bad things i can’t obviously get to all of them there are some that are getting changed in the patch that is on august 13th and i will be talking about that at the end of this video so stay tuned to that or you can use the little bars at the bottom with the sections of the video to kind of skip ahead if you want to see what

the changes are but yeah the damage numbers really really weird the next is stamina obviously i didn’t have as much problem with stamina as a lot of other people did i feel like you know stamina usage is probably a little bit more noticeable in duels because you’re the only one using it you’re only fighting one person whereas in like four as your teammates can come in and you can kind of have a little bit of breathing room to kind of regain yourself obviously i think light should do more stamp but when you have characters like challenge triple light doing 36 stamina and 15 damage that’s stupid uh same with you know like a peacekeeper triple gouge on it that makes no sense and a lot of those double hit attacks they are getting changed so i think maybe once those do get changed that’ll that’ll help us out a lot there probably is still numbers that definitely will have to get changed even after this patch but it is nice to see that there is going to be some stuff getting changed so you can look forward to that but yeah that made absolutely no sense like why would i do a triple light on shaolin when i can just throw a heavy that is a third of the stamina and does double the damage of the triple light it’s a it’s a real head scratcher on that one guys i honestly i was trying to think of you know things to potentially say about why this was a thing and i came up with nothing so the next thing we’re going to be talking about is some very strange uh nerfs that occurred during this update specifically my boy haramusha look what they did to my boy they massacred him uh his heavies are he’s what happened to his katanas are those things like they increased the weight of those by like 50 pounds or something did i not see that

in like the patch notes was that in the fine print aramus katanas now weigh a whole shit ton more because he is swinging those things slow as shit dude he’s like he’s underwater or swinging through molasses is very very strange i i don’t know why that’s a thing because they apparently wanted arumusha to have not as threatening punishing powers so they made his heavy slower but like the character is all about fainting and everything like why don’t you just decrease the damage but keep like the the actual animations of the attacks the same and everything i kind of find that to be a bit bewildering orochi got himself an unblockable but somehow is worse now that’s a that’s also very strange his like chained lights are pretty ass the the unblockable can just be back dodged which is a pretty big issue and you know still has no opener obviously but uh just some just some weird stuff like that and i’ve also seen some other strange animations that are going on like uh just one out of example i can say side heavy from the light side looks really strange in the way it’s animated looks like it’s a little bit longer and i’ve noticed this with some other attacks on there as well i don’t know why this happened but it probably should be looked at i’m a little confused as to why that’s on there i don’t know why that character should have gotten like changed with animations i don’t think any of that should have changed

if you know if you thought that someone was doing more damage just lower the damage that seems like the more reasonable way to go about it so rest in peace daramusha i tried playing him a few times and oh my god it is to put it bluntly it’s fucking terrible so that’s very unfortunate um so yeah that’s something that else that needs to get changed and the final thing we’re going to talk about is the warmongers feats yikes that is uh wow that is something huh i knew when i watched the release of this i was like you know this is probably going to be pretty fucking strong and then when it came out it was pretty strong i don’t know why these made it to live this is like one of those things like i want to be constructive obviously i’m going to give some reasons as to what they can do to change it but you gotta be held accountable for that in some way right that that shouldn’t make it to life why does it a tier one do a hundred damage like the highest damaging tier one is 15 and it has like the tier one also has like a 60 second cooldown it clears minions like fucking crazy which is uh just a vanguard’s wet dream right because you already get super good renown on clearing minions i’m gonna post some of the screenshots of my like final game screens of playing more monger on stream and you can see i had i was getting a lot of points pretty much every single game and it wasn’t even doing that much crazy

i was basically just playing normally but with all the pressure that you can provide from just like your tier one your tier four on the on the midsection like even if it’s just one tick is pretty immense uh and the amount of damage that can actually come through from that character just with feats is pretty ridiculous you know honestly i feel like for the the tier one honestly it should have probably a higher cooldown do maybe like 30 to 35 tick damage if you even want it to be that high you know like i said there’s tier ones really aren’t about being high damaged things you know if you want it to work on the minions sure but make it like way way less damage against actual characters you know maybe make it like 10 but it can still fucking work on the minions or something because you still get renowned from there like there’s there’s some changes that definitely need to get made made with that and even the fourth doesn’t even have that uh that low of a cooldown but being a vanguard and everything you’re just able to get your feets very very fast i found i i don’t know if i had a single game playing the warm mongoloid where i didn’t actually uh get my fourth feet which is and it wasn’t even like close it’s not like i just got it at the end like i was

i was using it a couple times a match which is pretty uh with those types of things those things should just definitely need to get looked at and it’s not like you can potentially take any other feats right because they all work so well together you know the passives working off the first and the fourth feet it’s not like some guy’s gonna be like yo wait fucking arrow strike second feet that’s a pog for me guys i might as well throw that one on yeah it’s not gonna happen that’s just this is simply not gonna happen why would you do that you wouldn’t so the feats definitely need to get changed uh it’s kind of it’s kind of funny but i had someone say uh so for like the next two weeks dominion is pretty much pay to win right now and while it isn’t you still have to not have a potato brain but uh it is a lot harder to deal with uh a warmonger uh right now so uh basically it’s the fuck b point all my homies hate b point let’s just uh let’s let’s stay on the actual zones with no minions guys uh so that is uh yeah it’s pretty interesting so this is the patch everybody august 13th update it is nice to actually get something quick although it does suck to have an update this quickly after a very very big uh actual change to the game which i mean i figured there would be an update but you know

it does kind of suck to see some of the issues that are on here so we’ll look at the known issues the peacekeeper second light uh is now dodgeball when getting hit by the initial light attack that’s how it is right now these are some known issues the orochi top heavy finisher feign to guard break uh now works against rollers highlanders offensive form enhanced lights have been adjusted to cost 12 stamina highlanders light light combo is now dodgeable on block and hit when in revenge with opponent is out of stamina those are just some known issues and like i don’t know if the second thing about orochi applies to like the people just back dodging his unblockable maybe you’re still able to do that if so you probably shouldn’t be able to do that so there is some stamina changes obviously to those double and triple hit combos things like chalet and wardens double light all of that stuff have been reduced from 12 stamina per attack to six so now a shaolin if he does a triple light it’ll be 18 stamina instead of 36 and this is going to be applied to like i just said shaolin peacekeepers deep gouge which is the triple stamp wardens double light law bringers light combo after heavy finisher orochi’s top light combo shinobi’s light combo and shamans

like combo so for example orochi’s double light right now would be doing 24 instead a double eight will be doing 12. which this change 100 needed to happen and i’m glad that it is happening right here and there probably is some other stamp values that do need to be looked at but i think having these things at least change right now will definitely be a big big help to those characters then there’s some damage changes on a lot of attacks as well as out-of-lock attacks i won’t talk about the values per se and i’ll just only briefly give some commentary on some notable ones jj’s heavy finishers have gone down warden’s top heavy finisher went down centurion’s heavy opener on a max charge and heavy finishers on minimum and max charge have gone down it was funny when i was playing with toxic in the early access he was even befuddled that the centurion unblockable was doing 40 damage he thought it was way too much and that is getting nerfed black friar’s full block stance unblockable is going down lawbringer’s unblockable heavy finisher is going down lawbringer’s light combo after heavy finisher is going down i don’t know if that applies to the admordum in amicus uh perry a thing right there because if so that would mean that the

the unblockable plus the light would be doing 24 damage instead of the 29 of a side heavy which is fucking weird ken says heavy chains have gone down which they needed to kensei’s top heavy finisher has gone down which it needed to i was very surprised it only had a one damage nerf from before in the game shinobi’s ranged heavy is going down shigoki’s heavy openers mac charge max charge is going down and his finisher is going down which again i do think he needed i am blasting people with shigoki right now although it does feel fun he does need a little bit of damage tweaks as well highlanders offensive stance heavies have gone down and shaman’s unblockable side heavy finisher has also gone down then there’s also out of lock damage fixes so basically if you get hit with an external or someone just not locked onto you uh some of the damage values aren’t consistent with being actually locked onto someone so say you get hit with a lockdown attack it does 24 out of luck it was doing like maybe 32 or something on certain characters which makes no sense so tiandi’s light finishers have gone down his heavy finishers have also gone down shaolin’s heavy finishers have gone up neusha’s left light finisher has gone down peacekeepers heavy opener and heavy finisher

have both gone down out of luck warden’s light chain has gone down conker’s heavy infinite chain has gone up shinobi’s heavy finishers have gone down aramush’s heavy infinite chain has gone up berserker’s light infinite chain has gone up and berserker’s light openers after faint have gone down so i haven’t looked too much about like the out-of-lock attacks and i i don’t really know the values on a lot of them but it is nice to i guess see it have more on point basis with the actual lockdown attacks which is nice obviously the other attacks are very very good to see changed i know a lot of other values still probably need to get looked at like there’s you know people have really been talking about berserker zone doing like 12 damage i don’t know how much stamina does but you know honestly i’ve seen a lot of zones be doing a low damage amounts like uh warmonger zone is 14 damage for 40 stem i don’t know if uh xerx is 60 but you know even if it is my shigoki zone is 60 stam and

it does 14 damage which isn’t very good either i just i think people assume because it’s a four hit that it needs to do more and you know probably could move it up there to like 15 or something which would be probably pretty fine but there’s there’s also some other attacks in there you know like i wish that uh i don’t know why all of uh our emotions blade blockades had to get nerfed down which kind of did suck but with the tanks doing less you know i just think that once they bring some of these you know higher damaged attacks that they somehow raised for some reason down it’ll start to look more like natural and then once we see this change we then begin to look at okay which what needs to get changed next so i i think that’ll be that’ll be good and this is basically what the patch that we’re getting in here it’s good to see but we definitely still have a lot more that we need to get patched uh let me know what you guys think these are just my opinions we do have some positives i actually think that we are heading in the right direction it’s just gonna be a little bit of a bumpy road to get there so uh if you enjoyed this little ramble from me be sure to leave a like comment and uh subscribe if you aren’t already it has been your boy tony i will talk to you in the next one guys peace have a nice weekend all that good shit stay safe goodbye [Music] you

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