11 Tips For Dragon Quest XI

11 Tips For Dragon Quest XI

11 Tips For Dragon Quest XI¬† hello I’m Tim Rodgers you were watching Kotaku com maybe you’ve never played a Dragon Quest game before and you watched my 36 minute long Dragon Quest 11 review and decided dragon quest 11 is the Dragon Quest game for you to play wow I’ve already said Dragon Quest a lot I’ve played every game in the series about a billion times each except dragon quest 11 which I’ve only played three times so I’m just gonna give you a couple of real quick tips for playing a Dragon Quest game name the Dragon Quest 11 if you’ve never played a Dragon Quest game before don’t worry you can start with this one as you can see our story starts with a teenage boy getting on a horse and leaving his bumpkin town which is I don’t know more universally relatable than starting with like 90 people that you’ve never met before Dragon Quest 11 is a reboot of sorts for the Dragon Quest series as with most reboots if you don’t know the thing it’s rebooting booted up if you want to play a Dragon Quest game you’re gonna want to paint your fingers with something sticky the classic Japanese role-playing game instruction manual tip is quote-unquote talk to everybody examine everything in Dragon Quest games examining a pot means shattering it on the floor so don’t believe our jail made here when he says making a racket isn’t going to help you any making a racket is going to help you a lot break every pot you see usually there’s nothing in a pot though sometimes there’s excellent stuff like seeds that permanently increase character stats grab at any shiny stuff you see on the ground that’s usually crafting ingredients and I can’t stress this enough every time you see a bookshelf with a red book on it examine the bookshelf every once in a while you will find a recipe book that lets you craft better stuff than you can buy in stores Dragon Quest games are all about showing the player stuff that they can’t do yet to play a Dragon Quest game is to write an extensive mental catalog of places to come back to read doors are the perfect example if you’re examining everything like

I suggested you do you’re going to see a lot of these red doors that you can’t unlock later when you get the power to open them come back and collect some hot stuff dragon quest 11 being released in 2018 has modernized this process a bit you can see these red doors marked very clearly on the map back in the day we had to take notes and I mean I have good memories of that time though maybe I don’t have time to take so many notes these days if you mean all over the world you’ll see little purple dots on the map these are people who have errands that they want you to run at the very least to make sure you talk to all of these people and accept their quests you can accept as many at a time as you want to the quests are all generally pretty easy to do and you get to experience these cute little micro narratives I mean they’re so easy that there’s this quest catalog menu that tells you exactly where you’re supposed to go and what you’re supposed to do the rewards are generally pretty good usually you’ll get a unique accessory or recipes that you aren’t able to get in any other way in the game I will note that one of the trophies in the game requires you to complete 40 quests if you want to go for this trophy you should know that some of the earlier quests become unavailable later in the game so I would suggest doing those quests as they pop up if you don’t do the quests as early as you can you’ll still be able to get to 40 pretty easily in the back half of the game though though the later quests do tends to be a lot more complicated and by that point you’ll have more than enough stuff to occupy you if you’re trying to get the platinum trophy Dragon Quest sort of invented Auto battle and Japanese role-playing games and it’s really good you’re you’re meant to use

it you select a paradigm for each character or give them all the same one and then they go to town on the monsters and you just chill with it on show no mercy characters will use magic points like they straight-up don’t care fight wisely is always the classic option characters set to focus on healing will heal any character who dips into yellow status that’s less than 50% HP with whatever means they have whether it’s a spell or if they’re carrying healing items follow orders is for micromanaging you want to probably use this during boss fights you may have seen some videos of characters running around during battle that’s just a camera option there’s no strategic benefit you can select classic camera if you want the game to look pretty much exactly like dragon quest aid though I gotta admit I like the free movement thing it makes for a nice sort of thumb twiddling good time when you’re grinding not that you should grind though I’d say just go through the game as quickly as you can fighting some monsters as you encounter them in dungeons never really stopping to grind until uh well you you’ll know when it’s time to grind uh for me that would be in the postgame though if you really really want to grind I’d say don’t grind until you have all seven characters the game is pretty plot heavy up until you get the seventh character also the last two characters you get enter on level 24

so if you’re higher than that when you get them the differential is probably going to remain for the rest of the game all seven characters gain experience points after every battle that’s nice Dragon Quest 11 does not have job classes every character has a quirky set of thoughtfully defined attributes you build upon these attributes and a menu called the character builder every level up you get some skill points that you can spend to buy skills these can be default passive bonuses passive bonuses connected to a specific type of equipment +10 attack power when wielding a one-handed sword for example new abilities or new magic spells I’d suggest you don’t hoard your skill points just use them to get something whenever you can get something if there’s something you really want that you don’t have enough points for I would say okay you can wait a couple of levels for it you can always go to a church and ask a priest to rectify a skill category to free all those points up though it costs you some money it’s 20 gold coins per skill point now if you do want to grind and you want to do so as quickly as possible the traditional way to do that in a Dragon Quest has always been to hunt metal slimes there’s a whole family of metal type slimes and they all give ridiculous amounts of experience but first once you encounter the generic metal slime gives you about 2,000

experience points that could be enough for like two whole level ups if you fight and kill a metal slime the very first time they’re available the game for context the strongest variety of metal king slime gives you 160 1610 experience points given that they’re so valuable metal slimes are by nature tricky to kill the first facet of this trickiness is that they are slippery they tend to run away from most battles actually they have three possible actions with even odds on each either they attack the cast a piddly low-level attack spell or they run they have what my experience tells me is a one in three chance of dodging any physical attack you’ll also notice that the magic of any variety never has any effect on them they have a defense stat of something like 255 so the most damage you can do outside of a critical hit is one point they have four hit points so you need to hit them four times the best way to do that is to maximize the odds of hitting them four times by making every character in your party attack twice per turn instead of once the easiest way to do this early in the game is to unlock Eric’s dual wield skill now give him two knives ignore that I’ve gotten him with two swords knives are more accurate one of his hands is much weaker than the other though that doesn’t matter when you’re only doing one damage at a time anyway the hero also has dual wield though it’s cleverly hidden under this skill panel right here the characters Jade and drab being martial artists can equip claws right from the moment that you meet them give them some claws any claws will do and then you’ve got a perfect metal hunting party who can attack eight times per turn just to make sure to set them all to follow orders and have them all focus on the same slime never divide them up all of the characters in your reserve party will get all of the experience now you can get way over leveled way early in the game if that’s your thing and if it’s your thing I mean just do your thing buddy now if you’re not hunting metal

slimes which is most of the game any other party formation is perfectly valid each character forms a unique mechanical bond with the hero and also with one other character Serena’s heal spells will complement Veronica’s attack spells etc you can swap the hero out of the party if you want which is hilarious with these seven characters you have 70 possible party combinations they’ll realize that whoever you put in the lead going to get targeted more often so watch out personally because I’m an idiot I played through the English version with a party of Serena Veronica Silvan dough and rap which I definitely don’t recommend I made sure I always kept Serena in the lead because she has the lowest defense and that makes the game as hard as possible also I turned Serena into the strongest fighter of all the party members in my game which was kind of hilarious if you want to play the game in a canonical sort of way you’re probably gonna want to keep the hero I like the hero and Dragon Quest 11 he’s sort of a uniquely nebulous gray area of high attack power and high support spells his best friend Erik can equip swords knives or boomerangs and boomerangs can attack every monster on the screen though they’re generally pretty weak here’s a little micro tip whichever monster actually choose to target if you want a super balanced party to make the game as easy as possible if you want that for some reason I go with the hero for attack and support in the lead Jade for her extreme attack power Veronica for attack magic and Serena for heal magic if you don’t want the game to be easy at all the English version comes with these hard mode settings they call them a draconian quest which is I mean sure is a name to call something these settings are really simple just looking at them can give you some tips for playing the game without them the first one is no fleeing from battle I mean you shouldn’t ever actually have to the Dragon

Quest game that means that your characters are too weak the second setting is no shopping which is a handy reminder that in Dragon Quest 11b armor and weapons that you can craft at your Forge are way better than anything you can buy at any store the final settings shy box is great it makes your characters randomly fail to act in a turn because they’re too shy it’s kind of like tripping and Smash Bros the less awful because random in action is sort of high level dragon requests whole thing hard bosses and Dragon Quest always have status altering spells that can take one or more party members out of the battle for a couple of turns so shy boxes sort of like endgame training wheels like it sort of turns the whole game into a boss fight my final tip is go to bed in real life I mean get some sleep like for real this is a long slow video game you don’t have to binge your way through it as I said in my review I personally tend to play Dragon Quest games for a half an hour or an hour three week nights a week after taking a shower and before going to bed I’m not recommending you do exactly that though

I mean you can if you want to Dragon Quest 11 has this nice here’s what happens so far feature every time you load up a safe you see this clean typeface quickly summarizing the most recent events of the story a lot of bigger Japanese RPGs do this the Dragon Quest 11 goes one deeper near every possible save point is an NPC marked with the pink exclamation point on the mini-map these people will cleverly tell you exactly what you’re supposed to do next to advance the plot so Dragon Quest 11 is a game you can put down for months for years at a time also notice that at a church every time you save the game the priest asks if you want to continue playing if you choose no it takes you to this black screen with a dialog box that says press X to return to the title screen here’s a fun fact in the Japanese version the text box says thank you for playing so dragon quest 11 e in Japanese literally thanks you every time you decide to stop playing well that’s all I got if you have any questions just shout me out in the comments I’m going to go home now and take a shower and then play some more Dragon Quest before bed I was born stupid however I will not die hungry videogames forever Kotaku calm wait I almost forgot this is the most important tip of all if you bought a physical copy of the game don’t look at the box art I’m not trying to say the box art is bad I’m just saying don’t look at it just don’t ask the game shop cashier to deposit it in an opaque bag now ask a friend or family member who’s doctor has strictly forbidden them from ever playing or caring about Dragon Quest to open the shrink-wrap now close your eyes quickly open the game case and look at this they’ve got the Japanese box art on the other side of the reversible sleeve flip it around now leave the disc in your PlayStation 4 so you don’t have to ever see the u.s. box are peeking through the translucent plastic wait the Japanese version doesn’t have the US art on the inside

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